BlackRock makes the conversation in crypto AGAIN!! Is it controlling Bitcoin?


  • BlackRock, the global behemoth with trillions in assets, jumped on Bitcoin as another source of investment in form of ETFs earlier this Jan. Now, there rises a conversation of BTC control and hindrance for growth.
  • BlackRock has disclosed its $5.5 million exposure to its IBIT Bitcoin ETF while U.S. Spot Bitcoin ETF outflows surged to $11.3 million towards the end of the week.

In contrast to some spot Bitcoin ETF issuers, BlackRock, an investment management firm, holds a relatively small $5.5 million stake in iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT). Bitcoin has been around for over 15 years now, and an increasing number of companies and brands have started accepting the crypto as a form of payment. 

BlackRock BTC holdings

Bitcoin is intentionally designed to be scarce. It’s highly regarded as a dependable store of value, which is why people are eager to have the opportunity to use it. As bitcoin is being used less for everyday transactions, it is gaining popularity as a means of exchange in alternative ways. 

This includes strategic investments in startups by funds, VCs, and angel investors. Market investors have observed an increasing number of startups seeking service providers to convert bitcoin into fiat currency for their operational needs.

Investors have also observed a rise in the number of major institutional investors acquiring bitcoin as an alternative investment. They are seeking ways to diversify their portfolios and find returns that can protect against market volatility.  

According to reports, BlackRock has submitted its 13F filing. The filing provides a measure of institutional interest in Bitcoin ETFs. In this filing, the company disclosed its $5.5 million exposure to its IBIT Bitcoin ETF, which is considered moderate.

This offering is significantly different from the large investments made by other issuers that have been approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

It’s worth mentioning that BraceBridge holds the top position as the largest IBIT holder, with a significant stake of $86 million. Given the relatively small size of BlackRock’s IBIT stake, there are suspicions among certain crypto analysts.

JPMorgan recently revealed its investments in Bitcoin ETFs. According to the firm’s portfolio, they currently hold 11,000 IBIT shares valued at $445,170, along with an additional 797 shares worth $32,255. This disclosure was made following Wells Fargo’s announcement of its spot Bitcoin ETF exposure, which generated optimism in the market.

Is BlackRock stealing BTC’s growth potential?

At this point, BlackRock is slowly bouncing back with a significant influx of $14.2 million, which reflects investor confidence in the IBIT ETF. In general, the price of Bitcoin has not shown a positive response to the increasing ETF holdings.

Approval of additional financial products that use different digital assets (such as the upcoming decision on the Ethereum ETF) could potentially alleviate some of the buying pressure on ETFs. Additionally, exploring the possibility of licensing and approving additional fiat to bitcoin payment and exchange systems could potentially increase the availability of bitcoin in the market beyond just traditional brokerages.

In the Web3 ecosystem, an increasing number of investors are using crypto assets to support promising startups. Several impressive projects and initiatives have already received funding through BTC or other stablecoins, and we can expect to witness an increase in such endeavors moving forward.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial to ensure a sufficient circulation of bitcoin in the market. In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to have a wider range of financial products with multiple purchasing models and diverse digital currency support. Additionally, there should be increased accessibility to mediums of exchange to ensure that investors and companies using BTC for funding can continue to thrive.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that major financial institutions, such as BlackRock, have shown a strong interest in this plan. The increasing demand for digital currency investment products, as evidenced by the popularity of their bitcoin ETFs, further supports this notion.

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