BlackRock hails AI as the ‘mega force’ for heavy returns


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  • BlackRock, which oversees $10 trillion in assets, has called artificial intelligence a “mega force” that might boost returns in today’s “unusual” market.
  • BlackRocks’ AI focus stands at the advantages of automation while underscoring that AI would have adverse negative effects on white-collar jobs.
  • BlackRock said the extent of the concentration of gains on the S&P 500 surpassed levels seen in the 2000s tech boom.
  • Larry Fink speculates that “transformative opportunities” in artificial intelligence could resolve the productivity crisis he attributes to persistently high inflation.

Global investment titan BlackRock, which administers approximately $10 trillion in assets, has declared artificial intelligence a “mega force” that has the potential to generate significant returns for investors in today’s “unusual” market. In its midyear outlook report, the BlackRock Investment Institute outlined its thesis for increased investment in artificial intelligence, citing multiple “disruptive” themes that could lead to the sector’s rapid expansion in the future years.

BlackRock gives AI  a boost

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is poised to tap into the immense potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as it foresees a major driver for equity returns. In its mid-year outlook report, BlackRock Investment Institute emphasized the significance of AI in navigating the challenges posed by tough macro trends. 

The company’s forward-thinking approach toward AI investments underscores its commitment to capitalizing on emerging technologies and providing superior returns to its clients.

The report highlighted the fact that gains in the S&P 500 index, which measures the 500 largest companies in the United States, have become increasingly concentrated in a small number of technology stocks. According to the company, investing in AI is an effective method to capitalize on this concentration.

We think this unusual equity market shows a mega force like AI can be a big driver of returns even when the macro environment is not your friend.


The most obvious “benefit” of AI, according to BlackRock’s investing team, is automation. While admitting that white-collar professions are at “increased risk” of being automated away, they claim that the consequent cost reductions might greatly raise profit margins, particularly for organizations with high staff costs and an abundance of easily-automated work.

The team went on to say that the emerging technology might be a windfall for corporations who are sitting on a “gold mine” of proprietary data, with AI-powered tools allowing firms to exploit dormant data into “innovative” new models.

The report also identified aging populations, a quickly evolving financial system, and the global push toward low-carbon economies as significant drivers of development in the future decade.

Other Industry parties join BlackRock on the AI bandwagon

BlackRock is not alone in giving AI more attention. Matt Huang, CEO of crypto investment firm Paradigm, said in a June 28 tweet that the quick and varied breakthroughs in the field of AI are simply “too interesting to ignore.”

According to him, once the United States imposes export limits on these chips, the stock prices of AI-related companies will plummet.

While there is optimism for AI, the financial behemoth has recently turned its attention to Bitcoin. The firm filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on June 15.

If the application is accepted, it will be the first spot Bitcoin trust product to receive regulatory approval. Bloomberg’s senior investment experts estimate Blackrock’s chances of approval at 50%.

BlackRock’s Larry Fink predicts AI could solve the productivity crisis

Larry Fink, the founder of BlackRock, has speculated that “transformative opportunities” in artificial intelligence could resolve the productivity crisis he attributes to persistently high inflation. Fink stated during BlackRock’s investor day: 

The collapse of productivity has been a central issue in the global economy. AI has the huge potential to increase productivity, and transform margins across sectors. It may be the technology that can bring down the inflation.

Larry Fink

Fink has repeatedly warned that strong inflation could compel the Federal Reserve of the United States to continue hiking interest rates later this year. Fink, who is a lover of dystopian films, stated that the $9 trillion money manager would bring “healthy paranoia” and “healthy enthusiasm” to their investments in technology.

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