Bitrue lists Celestia’s TIA token as Genesis Airdrop kicks off


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  • Crypto exchange Bitrue will officially list  Celestia’s native token, TIA .
  • Celestia is an emerging blockchain network focused on scalable and secure Web3 applications. 
  • Bitrue’s listing of TIA represents a significant milestone for Celestia.

Leading crypto exchange Bitrue will officially list  Celestia’s native token, TIA . The exchange will offer multiple avenues to acquire TIA through credit cards or spot trading. Celestia is also launching its Genesis Airdrop, with 60 million TIA tokens up for grabs. These initiatives highlight Bitrue and Celestia’s mission to foster a dynamic blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

Celestia is an emerging blockchain network focused on scalable and secure Web3 applications. The network is a modular consensus and data platform, enabling a wide range of decentralized services. Its native TIA token is essential for transactions and smart contracts within the Celestia network.

To acquire TIA via credit card purchase, users must create an account on Bitrue and complete the identity verification. They can link their credit cards to their Bitrue accounts under the ‘Payment’ or ‘Add Funds’ section. After linking, TIA can be purchased directly and added to Bitrue wallets. Bitrue also offers spot trading for TIA against various trading pairs, including TIA/USDT. This route requires depositing funds like USDT, USDC, or BUSD, which can trade for TIA using either ‘Market’ or ‘Limit’ order types.

Bitrue’s listing of TIA represents a significant milestone for Celestia. While the network has made inroads in the blockchain space, its association with a reputable trading platform like Bitrue is expected to expand its market reach and provide additional liquidity. The listing also opens up TIA for a broader spectrum of potential investors and users who can more easily acquire the token.

For the Genesis Airdrop, 60 million TIA tokens, 6% of the token’s total supply, will be allocated across several categories to encourage widespread participation and activity within the network. One such category, Research, and Public Goods, will reserve 20 million TIA tokens for individuals contributing to key protocols like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos, and other rollups. Eligibility for this airdrop spans from public GitHub contributors to those who participated in Ethereum and Bitcoin Improvement Proposals and significant blockchain development on ETH Research.

An equal allocation of 20 million TIA is reserved for the Early Modular Ecosystem category. This rewards contributors of organizations represented at Modular Summits and participants in the first cohort of Celestia’s Modular Fellows program.

The rise of Ethereum’s rollup ecosystem has encouraged Celestia to earmark another 20 million TIA tokens for the top half of active users on the leading ten rollups by total value locked (TVL) as of January 1. Criteria for participation have been carefully crafted to include a broad spectrum of blockchain enthusiasts. GitHub contributors with a track record in public goods and protocol infrastructure may qualify under the Research and Public Goods category. 

Active members of the ETH Research forum can qualify under certain conditions. Early adopters engaged with Ethereum’s rollup ecosystem could qualify if they meet activity parameters. In contrast, stakers and IBC relayers in the Cosmos ecosystem need to adhere to minimum staking requirements and on-chain activity scores.

This well-calibrated airdrop will reward contributors, reinforcing Celestia’s ambition to be a cornerstone in the next wave of blockchain development. Prospective participants should note that eligibility and participation require visiting the official Celestia Genesis Airdrop website. Celestia Labs and the Celestia Foundation will never request sensitive information or tokens.

About Bitrue

Bitrue is a tier-1 cryptocurrency exchange that provides a wide range of financial products to investors alongside the opportunity to trade more than 700 cryptocurrencies and manage assets in a simple, efficient, and secure way. 

Launched in Singapore in 2018, Bitrue was built by a group of digital finance experts, cyber security specialists, and blockchain developers who share a passion for redefining crypto trading and digital economy evolution. Today, Bitrue has offices in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong and team members in Europe and the USA.

Bitrue is user-first, which means it focuses on how it can help and protect investors in the community, whether through enhancing security, fine-tuning interfaces, collecting feedback, or offering localized customer support as part of a healthy trading landscape. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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