BitPay and Verifone team up to offer crypto services

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TL;DR Breakdown

• Verifone will accept the conversion of several decentralized currencies and 5 stablecoins.
• BitPay promises to facilitate cryptocurrency payments with its new extension.

BitPay expands its operations with cryptocurrencies by launching a new extension backed by the Blockchain network, one of the most commercialized platforms globally. This new feature will benefit US stores such as Verifone and other E-commerce providers.

This extension will allow companies to change the entire database and thus offer their clients trading with cryptocurrencies a friendly scheme. In this way, users can be insured against the volatility of the crypto. The new BitPay extension will be launched before the end of 2021.

BitPay promotes best payment solutions


As expected, BitPay created a payment solution dedicated to electronic commerce in the United States. This service will be easy to understand and offer intuitive operations that companies might love. The goal of the extension is for companies to receive payments from the Verifone platform without using the payment provider in Atlanta.

The American payment platform will select several crypto wallets that, in its opinion, are very secure. This extension can be used by the main crypto wallets such as Metamask, BRD, Blockchain, and the native BitPay website.

Users or companies that enjoy the system can acquire Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. The payment platform will also accept Stablecoins such as USDT, BUSD, and GUSD.

When the user completes the purchase in the cryptocurrency of their choice, they will only have to choose the crypto wallet in Verifone and then scan a predestined QR. Once the payment platform receives the money in cryptocurrencies, the user will receive a notification indicating that the purchase has been completed. All that money will be sent quickly to the user’s bank account, reflected in fiat currency.

Verifone enables cryptocurrency conversions

Verifone is one of the most used fiat currency payment companies in Florida that has marked a milestone with this new partnership. Verifone could become a great promoter of these decentralized payments by enabling the cryptocurrencies conversion with fiat currencies. Users can store their Bitcoin and then send them to the trust wallet with confidence, knowing they can withdraw the funds.

The director of advanced payment methods at Verifone clarifies that users are looking for where to spend their cryptocurrencies, and the company is motivated to help them. The company seeks to solve the new financial market so users can quickly save and spend their tokens.

But the company also helps Verifone have a stake in the BitPay system. It is a simple strategy in which both payment companies will benefit and provide a refreshing service to users.

For now, the extension is disabled, but BitPay and Verifone plan to launch it in December. Users interested in this new crypto payment solution must be patient and wait for this extension to go live.

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