Ethereum 2.0 developers push for launch despite low testnet participation


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  • Developers eager to launch Ethereum 2.0
  • Prysm still dominates the client network of the platform

Developers of Ethereum 2.0 have continued their push to launch the platform even though participation in the testnet is beginning to drop from its earlier numbers massively.

The developers made it known that they were to launch the platform after trying the Zinken testnet, which also went smoothly without a hitch.

Ben Edgington said that though the level of participation in the Medalla Beacon Chain testnet has been low, the final launch rehearsal, which is the Zinken testnet, had run correctly though it also recorded low participation. However, he feels it is time to proceed and launch the Ethereum 2.0 platform.

One Austrian firm saddled with building explorers of the Ethereum blockchain, Etherchain, made it known that the last 1500 epochs tested on Medalla had not been finalized and that the testing was beginning to gulp resources and that the signs were pointing to 8GB no longer being enough for the testnet.

Presently, the level of participation on the Medalla testnet is just 52%, and it needs to reach at least 66% before it can be said to have attained finality. It also still needs the services of at least 9750 validators to function correctly.

Ethereum 2.0 client dominance problem

One of the highlighted problems with the Ethereum 2.0 platform is the Prysm client’s dominance that has over 90% of the network share in the platform. 

One client’s dominance made it impossible to test the efficacy of other clients like Lighthouse, Nimbus, and Teku.

Prysm has kept up work and is assiduously developing their client. They also have recently announced a graphical user interface that is web-based and has a staking portal that is built for that sole purpose.

Lighthouse also is not slacking; it has introduced its version 0.3.0 in which it has loads of improvement on its previous functionalities.

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