Bitget Wallet joins hands with Chiliz, aims to promote development of the SportFi sector


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  • Bitget Wallet and Chiliz team up for Web3 sports services, offering fan tokens and DApps.
  • Chiliz revolutionizes fan engagement in sports with blockchain and Fan Tokens.
  • Bitget Wallet and Chiliz enhance sports fan engagement in Web3, anticipating transformative changes.

Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet has taken proactive steps to extend its collaboration with Chiliz, a blockchain-based sports and entertainment platform. 

With the objective of fostering even greater mass onboarding for Web3, Bitget Wallet is set to offer users an even broader range of Web3 asset management services following this collaboration with Chiliz, driving the digitization of sports for fans worldwide. 

Expanding Web3 asset services 

This collaboration will see the integration of Chiliz’s Layer 1 blockchain, Chiliz Chain, on Bitget Wallet, allowing users to easily connect to the Chiliz mainnet to manage their CHZ and other fan tokens. 

Besides sending and receiving these tokens, users can also expect to access diverse sports and entertainment DApps on the Chiliz ecosystem from the convenience of their Bitget Wallet’s DApp browser. 

Additionally, Bitget Exchange (which gained a controlling stake in Bitget Wallet this year, leading to its rebranding from BitKeep) also supports the Chiliz Chain mainnet.

By working with renowned sports entities like Lionel Messi, Juventus Football Club, and the Dota 2 Bali Major, Bitget has established a strong presence in bridging sports and the crypto realm. 

Driving the development of sports fan economies with Chiliz

Chiliz primarily focuses on fan economies within the sports and entertainment domains (‘SportFi’), aiming to transform the sports industry’s operational mode using blockchain technology. Focusing on SportFi, Chiliz’s efforts enhance fan engagement and community interaction and bolster fan identity.

Collaboration with world-renowned football clubs, including Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain, and the introduction of corresponding Fan Tokens amplifies the appeal across diverse regions and attracts a global audience. Additionally, Chiliz continues to expand its ecosystem, encompassing sectors like esports and gaming.

Fan tokens are gaining considerable traction in the sports industry, and Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, emphasizes the significance of the collaboration, stating,

“The partnership between Bitget Wallet and Chiliz signifies a significant stride in the fan economy, particularly in football, by offering fans a Web3 technology-backed team experience.” 

As a frontrunner in the Web3 trading sphere, Bitget Wallet consistently endeavors to provide users with a diverse asset portfolio, comprehensive trading functionalities, and user-centric trading experiences.

In addition to their collaborative infrastructure and product features, Bitget Wallet and Chiliz regularly co-host ecosystem activities, enhancing sports fan engagement in the Web3 space and extending benefits to Web3 enthusiasts invested in sports events. 

For instance, during the recent European Competition fervor, Bitget Wallet offered fans opportunities to win CHZ tokens and Messi jerseys through match predictions.

In the rapidly evolving realm of Web3, adaptability and forward-thinking are paramount. With blockchain’s burgeoning influence, especially in sports, we anticipate transformative shifts in fan participation and brand interactions, drawing more Web2 users into the thriving Web3 landscape.

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