Bitget amplifies its cryptocurrency offerings by introducing BIGTIME U-based perpetual contract


  • Bitget introduces Big Time (BIGTIME) to its Innovation and GameFi Zone, offering traders enhanced opportunities with a new U-Based Perpetual Contract.
  • With a focus on innovative assets, Bitget not only provides a comprehensive trading platform, featuring user-friendly options and deep liquidity for BIGTIME traders.

In a strategic move to diversify its cryptocurrency asset offerings and provide traders with enhanced trading opportunities, Bitget, a renowned crypto derivatives, and copy trading platform, has launched Big Time (BIGTIME) in its Innovation and GameFi Zone. This initiative aligns with Bitget’s mission to grant its users access to the most innovative assets in the cryptocurrency domain, including leveraged tokens, DeFi tokens, AI tokens, and GameFi projects like Big Time.

Big Time – A fusion of high-octane gaming and cryptocurrency

Big Time, an immersive PC game, seamlessly blends a high-energy combat system with a comprehensive in-game economy, offering players a dynamic ecosystem where they can craft and trade enthralling game items. The game stands out as one of the most innovative projects in the digital currency ecosystem, according to Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget. 

Within the expansive universe of Big Time, players not only indulge in an electrifying gaming experience but also engage in a vibrant economy where they can craft, trade, and leverage game items, thereby intertwining the realms of gaming and digital currencies.

BIGTIME token and its multifaceted trading advantages on Bitget

Bitget customers are set to reap a plethora of benefits with the introduction of the BIGTIME/USDT trading pair, serving as a comprehensive solution for their trading requirements. The platform, known for its user-friendly features and profound liquidity, ensures that BIGTIME traders can elevate their trading experiences and optimize their profits. To further incentivize the trading of Big Time on Bitget, the platform has rolled out a Deposit Rebate campaign exclusively for Big Time tokens. 

Participants depositing $100 or more worth of Big Time tokens become eligible to receive a 10% rebate from a prize pool totaling $10,000 worth of Big Time. The rebate amount is computed based on the final net deposit volume, with each user being able to receive a maximum rebate of up to $50 worth of BIGTIME tokens. Furthermore, Bitget extends support for both deposits and withdrawals for BIGTIME tokens, enhancing the trading experience for its users.

Bitget’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user empowerment

Catering to over 20 million users across 100 countries and regions, Bitget offers a spectrum of trading services, including spot trading and derivative trading, intending to facilitate smarter trading through its secure and comprehensive platform. The platform also introduces copy trading, enabling users to mirror the trades of seasoned traders, thereby democratizing trading expertise. 

The innovation zone within the platform unveils hidden gems by showcasing lesser-known projects to a wider audience. During the 60-day valuation period for newly listed pairs in this zone, Bitget evaluates tokens based on various parameters like trading volume, liquidity, team experience, project development progress, and adherence to high platform standards. 

Gracy Chen emphasized, “Our Innovation Zone focuses on bringing out gems and lesser-known projects to the masses. Usually, these projects are available in decentralized wallets which require crypto knowledge and proficiency. With Bitget, it’s a simple step to access and trade these newly launched high-potential tokens.”


Big Time is poised to magnetize a larger audience of gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts owing to its innovative gameplay and economic model. Bitget, through its strategic introduction of BIGTIME to its trading platform, not only underscores its commitment to providing exceptional trading experiences and opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry but also fortifies its position as a platform that is at the forefront of integrating innovative digital assets. This move is anticipated to pave the way for a symbiotic relationship between gaming and cryptocurrency trading, thereby opening up new avenues and opportunities for users, traders, and gamers alike.

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