Bitcoin surges to new all-time highs in 14 countries amid economic turmoil


  • Bitcoin hits all-time highs in 14 struggling countries due to economic instability and currency devaluation.
  • People turn to Bitcoin as a haven against inflation and political uncertainty.
  • Experts predict Bitcoin could reach $150,000 to $200,000 in 2024 amid bullish market sentiment.

Bitcoin has achieved unprecedented milestones by reaching new all-time highs in 14 countries grappling with economic and financial instability. This pioneering cryptocurrency has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking refuge from the depreciation of their fiat currencies amidst rising inflationary pressures and political uncertainty.

Global adoption fuels Bitcoin’s meteoric rise

According to renowned crypto analyst Lark Davis, Bitcoin’s recent surge in value reflects its growing acceptance and adoption worldwide. The 14 countries witnessing record-breaking highs include Japan, Argentina, Laos, Congo, Ghana, Turkey, Burundi, Sudan, Lebanon, Malawi, Egypt, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. 

These nations, plagued by high inflation and currency devaluation, are turning to Bitcoin as a reliable store of value and hedge against economic instability.

Bitcoin emerges as a lifeline amid fiat currency depreciation

As fiat currencies falter under the weight of inflation and political turmoil, Bitcoin enthusiasts like Balaji emphasize its pivotal role as a lifeboat for over 1 billion people across these countries. 

With a combined GDP of $7 trillion, these nations increasingly rely on Bitcoin to safeguard their wealth and financial future. Balaji criticizes the dominance of the US dollar, citing Bitcoin’s ability to counteract its detrimental effects on global fiat currencies.

Driven by bullish sentiment, Bitcoin’s price has surged close to the $60,000 threshold, marking a 1.75% increase in the last 24 hours and a remarkable 10.21% rise over the past seven days. 

CEO of 10T Holdings, Dan Tapiero, remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, predicting a potential price range of $150,000 to $200,000 in 2024. Tapiero believes that Bitcoin’s recent gains of nearly 100% signify its potential for further growth, possibly surpassing the $70,000 mark and reaching new all-time highs.

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