Bitcoin Ordinals fees surged by 700% since April

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  • Bitcoin Ordinals transaction fees have witnessed an increase of 700% since April.
  • Projects are shifting their attention to the Bitcoin network.

A recent report compiled by @dgtl_assets of Dune Analytics sheds light on the growing popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals, revealing significant increases in network fees and shifting trends in inscription preferences. On May 20, the total network fees paid for the minting of Bitcoin Ordinals reached 1,414 BTC, equivalent to $38.2 million. This represents a staggering surge of 700% from April 20 and 831% from April 1, underscoring the escalating interest in Bitcoin NFTs.

Bitcoin Ordinals grow in popularity

Bitcoin Ordinals function as a numbering system that assigns a unique number to each Satoshi, allowing for precise tracking and seamless transfer. Furthermore, the Inscription process adds a layer of data to each Satoshi, enabling the creation of distinct digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Notably, unlike traditional NFTs built using smart contracts and hosted on separate solutions like IPFS, Bitcoin Ordinals exist entirely on the Bitcoin blockchain, eliminating the need for sidechains or separate tokens.

Recent data analysis reveals a notable shift in the composition of Bitcoin Ordinals. While February to April witnessed a relatively balanced distribution between text-based and image-based inscriptions, the overwhelming majority of Bitcoin Ordinals now utilize text-based inscriptions. This shift in preference indicates changing user demands and interests within the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem.

The rise of Ordinals and their integration into the broader Bitcoin ecosystem has been facilitated by several key developments. In January 2023, Web 3.0 developer Rodarmor introduced the Bitcoin Ordinal theory framework, laying the groundwork for its implementation.

Subsequently, in March 2023, Web 3.0 developer Domo introduced the BRC-20 Bitcoin token standard. This standard leverages Ordinals and Inscriptions to create and manage token contracts, facilitate token minting, and enable token transfers on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Projects are shifting towards Bitcoin for NFTs

The adoption and utilization of Ordinals and the BRC-20 token standard have been remarkable. To date, over 8 million Bitcoin Ordinals have been minted, accompanied by the creation of 24,677 BRC-20 tokens. This collective activity has resulted in an impressive total market capitalization of $612.5 million, reflecting the growing value and recognition of these unique digital assets.

In response to the surging demand, cryptocurrency exchange OKX recently announced the listing of the ORDI BRC-20 token. With a market capitalization exceeding $300 million, the ORDI token has emerged as the most popular BRC-20 token in this category. This listing further solidifies the significance of Bitcoin Ordinals and their integration within the broader cryptocurrency market.

As the popularity and adoption of Ordinals continue to grow, it is evident that these unique digital assets have captured the attention of users and investors alike. The ability to track and transfer individual Satoshis, coupled with the added layer of data through Inscriptions, has unlocked a new realm of possibilities within the Bitcoin blockchain. With ongoing advancements and innovations, the future of Bitcoin Ordinals appears promising, marking another milestone in the evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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