Bitcoin mining can use cheap gas for success in USA: mining expert

Natural gas prices in America are failing at a huge cost. Natural gas is a result of the drilling of oil. The oil drilling industry does not know how to use natural gas and does not want to transport it because that consumes a lot of transport charges. As a result, this gas is either burn or releases into the atmosphere.

There is a limit in America as to how many oil companies can do this and is many places the natural gas is sold. The price of natural gas is very cheap. The oil companies can get rid of the down wells all together but the process to do that is very expensive.

Mati Greenspan gave a statement saying that Bitcoin mining can occur even with very cheap and low quality electricity. Bitcoin mining only uses the energy that would otherwise be wasteful and serve no purpose.

This sparked the idea to use natural gas as the source or mining bitcoin. The plan was introduced by Stephen Barbour. He thinks that bitcoin technology is innovative as it is, but it is also helping humanity in ways no one imagined. Bitcoin technology makes useless energy be used for providing financial freedom.

Even though the idea sounds so much better executed, it is very problematic. According to analysts, the price of bitcoin would spark up to a hefty nineteen thousand dollars ($19,000) to make a profit if natural gas is used to mine it.

Another problem is to make the oil companies understand the benefits and use of crypto technology. Bitcoin miners prefer solar energy to mine bitcoin because it is even cheaper than oil and gas. So all these factors combined are a major hindrance in adopting natural gas to mine Bitcoin.

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