Bitcoin mining and renewable energy: A green revolution in the making


  • Bitcoin mining is going green by using more renewable energy sources.
  • Strategic Bitcoin mining can make money from excess renewable energy.
  • Bitcoin mining boosts renewable energy use and profits.

As Bitcoin’s popularity rises, concerns about its environmental impact have taken center stage. The energy-intensive nature of Bitcoin mining has led to accusations of environmental harm, given the substantial carbon footprint associated with its energy consumption. 

However, a closer look at recent developments reveals a promising potential for Bitcoin to become a catalyst for the transition to renewable energy sources.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption and environmental concerns

According to the University of Cambridge, the Bitcoin network’s energy consumption reached a staggering 147.3 terawatt-hours per year as of January 19, 2024, nearly matching the annual energy consumption of entire countries like Ukraine, Malaysia, and Poland. Much of this energy is derived from fossil fuels, raising concerns about Bitcoin’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics argue that Bitcoin’s high energy demand and water consumption are detrimental to the environment, and these concerns are not entirely unfounded. However, a more nuanced perspective reveals that Bitcoin mining has undergone a significant sustainability transformation.

One of the most encouraging developments is Bitcoin miners’ growing adoption of clean energy sources. On January 18, 2024, Bitcoin mining achieved a new milestone, with sustainable energy usage hitting an all-time high of 54.5%, as reported by the Bitcoin ESG Forecast. This shift towards cleaner energy sources holds great promise for mitigating the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin as a catalyst for renewable energy

Researchers from Cornell University in the United States have proposed an innovative solution to further enhance the synergy between Bitcoin mining and renewable energy. Their study, conducted in October 2023, suggests that strategically locating Bitcoin mining operations could significantly reduce the environmental footprint of cryptocurrencies while generating substantial revenue for the green energy industry.

The researchers contend that excess power generated by renewable energy sources can be monetized through Bitcoin mining, potentially yielding hundreds of millions of dollars. During the pre-commercial development phase of wind or solar farms, developers could recover millions of dollars when electricity production exceeds grid integration. These funds can then be reinvested in future renewable energy projects.

According to the study, with 32 planned renewable projects, Texas has the highest potential to generate a combined profit of $47 million through Bitcoin mining during pre-commercial operations.

A flexible customer for renewable energy

Bitcoin mining can also provide a flexible customer for wind and solar energy installations. These installations often face the challenge of peak production times not aligning with periods of peak demand. Bitcoin mining can help bridge this gap, ensuring that excess renewable energy is put to use rather than going to waste.

Furthermore, Bitcoin mining allows renewable utilities to leverage arbitrage opportunities between electricity and Bitcoin prices. This was highlighted in a 2021 report by investment firm ARK Invest, which noted that Bitcoin mining can optimize the use of renewable energy while potentially increasing profitability.

A win-win scenario

Margot Paez, a fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute and a Bitcoin mining sustainability and environmental consultant, emphasized the benefits of Bitcoin mining for both the environment and the industry. She stated, “A supply-demand mismatch often causes excess renewable power production. 

Bitcoin mining acts as an off-taker that pays for the electricity that would otherwise be wasted. In turn, Bitcoin mining benefits from using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, improving the network’s carbon footprint. It’s a win-win.”

Bitcoin mining possesses a unique characteristic – it can be effectively location-agnostic. Researchers at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, including Fengqi You, highlighted the importance of strategically siting mining farms to maximize productivity. 

Profitability in a mining system depends on steady energy availability, given the variability of renewable energy sources. Therefore, the ability to move Bitcoin mining operations to wherever excess energy is produced is a significant advantage in promoting sustainability.

Two types of renewable energy sources

Jaran Mellerud, co-founder and chief mining strategist at Hashlabs, identified two primary renewable energy sources that Bitcoin miners can utilize. The first type involves integrating Bitcoin mining operations directly into renewable energy facilities like solar or wind farms. 

This approach ensures that excess energy is efficiently converted into cryptocurrency, reducing waste and bolstering the green energy sector.

The second type focuses on mobile mining units that can be transported to areas with surplus renewable energy. These units offer flexibility and adaptability, further enhancing the potential for Bitcoin mining to harness clean energy sources.

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