Bitcoin hits the $4000 mark, expected to remain stable

Bitcoin prices have hit four thousand dollars ($4,000) after two weeks below the mark. The new mark was acquired after a six and a half (6.5%) percent mark in the market on Sunday.

Coin market data reveals that the jump converts to almost two hundred and fifty dollars after two weeks of stable yet very slow growth in the market. The jump took the currency as high as four thousand and ninety dollars ($4,090).

The market is now stable at four thousand and sixty-two dollars ($4,062), whereas, the last high in two weeks was a brief time of three thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars ($3,390) on the 3rd of January.

Bitcoin hits the $4000 mark, expected to remain stable 1 The market cap at the press stood at $71,020,394,556 whereas the 24 hours trade volume stood at $5,577,012,284. Bitcoin analysts have been discussing the sway where most analysts believe that the currency is going to have some tough curves in the short term trading yields can be high if the traders wait for long-term returns.

Cryptopolitan reported yesterday that the sway is keeping investors confused about the market trends therefore cautious trading has been witnessed in the market for the last few weeks. On the other hand, it was also reported that the market data is suggesting that about eighty percent (80%) investors are committed for long-term gains.