Bitcoin futures platform KuMEX rolls out Lite version

KuCoin-designed Bitcoin futures platform KuMEX announced the launch of a Lite version today, that streamlines not only the core trading features but also offers useful analytical tools that enhance the overall trading experience.

Blockchain and centralized crypto-asset exchange KuMEX has a substantial user base of over five million users worldwide, thanks to its affordable trading fees, instant withdrawal and deposit features and a stable environment in unpredictable market conditions. With user-friendly financial products, KuMEX offers cryptocurrency exposure to professionals as well as beginners, without the need to lend fiat.

Today, it took a step further in enhancing the user experience by launching a Lite version. What’s exclusive is the fact that it provides helpful analytical tools such as the long-short ratio and revenue calculator that assists even amateurs in better prediction of the market and plan their investment strategies accordingly.

Bitcoin futures made easy with KuMEX Lite version

KuMEX Lite boasts of three significant enhancements. The first one involves simplification of the market interface with an easy switch-over option from candlesticks statistics to line charts. Besides, the user screen hides less relevant details like order book and recent trade history to make it seem more to the point.

The second improvement involves users placing orders simply by adding order amount and choosing between long/short and leverage options. In an attempt to make the platform more straightforward for newbie traders, it only asks for order amount instead of slot numbers.

The third and most significant change is the introduction of various analytical tools and statistical data. With insight into long-short ratio, users can better predict the market sentiments. The innovative revenue calculator gives a near-accurate estimation of the return, leverages and preferred investment strategies.

An attempt at making derivatives market more accessible

Michael Gan, CEO of KuCoin, throws more light on the latest move. There is a higher degree of complexity and risk associated with Bitcoin futures which is why it is limited to a few professional traders only. And while the transaction volume of the derivatives is meagre in the cryptocurrency market, in the conventional financial system, derivatives have always enjoyed a much larger market share as compared to the spot market, he explains.

KuMEX is a bold attempt at making this market more accessible and easily understandable to both newcomers and seasoned traders. With innovative tools and highly curated analytical data, we hope to assist our users in optimizing their Bitcoin investment returns, Gan added.

Featured Image by Pixabay