Bitcoin crash 2021: What’s next?

bitcoin crash

As of 9:45 a.m. EDT, the global crypto market had plummeted more than 11% over the past 24 hours, falling below $1.5 trillion to its lowest point since a flash crash in May pushed the market down to $1.3 trillion from an early month high above $2.5 trillion.

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Cryptocurrency investors are surprised by the Bitcoin price plummeting in recent weeks. With the crypto crash, some people take advantage of tax strategies. Although digital currency volatility is going through a bad time, it is not the end.

In recent weeks, cryptocurrency prices are going down because of Elon musk’s tweet, global organizations, and institutional investors.

Many Bitcoin traders and crypto investors lost up to 50% of their shares in the blink of an eye. A Bitcoin investor trader bought 1 BTC for $65,000 in mid-April and recently sold it for less than $35,000.

Why is Bitcoin crashing?

The reasons why the crypto market price has been crashing since mid-April are very broad; governments and financial institutions are involved. On one side is Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, who helped the BTC price rise and contributed to its loss. Musk accepted Bitcoin as a means of payment at his company but later reversed his decision.

The crypto asset market volatility has also been affected by announcements from China’s central bank, where companies are prohibited from Bitcoin mining. China’s move on crypto space is regulatory, while Musk entered a speculative crypto trading environment. So much, both actions in sync caused the Bitcoin price to plummet below $35,000.

Bitcoin crash 2021: What's next? 1

Can Bitcoin price crash to zero?

The cryptocurrency market is unlikely ever to hit zero because it already has a long run. The cryptocurrency world has been around for a decade, long enough to have many fans. Although Musk and Chinese investors are key players, their actions cannot cause such a severe Bitcoin crash.

Although it is uncertain what the market’s future is, Bitcoin’s value, cryptocurrency prices, and other asset class may have reached their lowest price. There has not been such a huge loss of cryptocurrencies since 2019 when crypto prices dropped a lot. Still, a lot can happen in the coming days.

Bitcoin crash 2021: What's next? 2

Will Bitcoin or digital currencies eventually crash?

Bitcoin crash 2021: What's next? 3

Bitcoin futures, like other cryptocurrencies, are unpredictable. While Musk, China, and various regulators in the United States fought against Bitcoin price, some people back then.

American companies enter the high volatility crypto world fleeing inflation, so although the Bitcoin market sometimes falls, it always recovers.

People know that the capital gains are high, which the tech stocks cannot give you. Although buying stocks is lucrative, it also has its risks, much higher than with cryptocurrencies.

In the business news, you can see how different the two are, where the losses on the stock market are more relevant. However, the IRS’s highly volatile currency is not accepted by the United States from a legal perspective.

Bitcoin payment companies also gain fame, positively or negatively, because they work with anonymous transactions. The IRS thinks that people can use BTC for criminal money laundering, scam, or terrorist financing.

But cryptocurrency trade has also gained a bad name due to the misuse that some users give it. Recently a group of hackers broke into the database of an American company responsible for distributing gas. The cyberattack concluded when the company paid the ransom with crypto investment to a wallet in which its holder remained anonymous.

What’s next for Bitcoin investors after the ‘extreme fear?

After trader’s extreme fear about BTC, Bitcoin Cash, and its low capitalization, its recovery is expected. Wall street journal supports cryptocurrencies and does not hesitate to say they will soon rise in value again.

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency crash are very sensitive to investors’ comments. Some people think that Musk has withdrawn from the BTC game because it will increase value organically and not like a bubble.

Real estate companies in the United States have joined the cryptocurrency exchange, as have tech giants like Apple. Among the latest relevant announcements involving crypto is its acceptance by the El Salvador government.

The year is not over yet for Bitcoin. It just has to recover and take advantage of this popularity. Understandably, many people left crypto trading after losing assets.

This BTC loss period has been an opportunity for novice investors to join the game.

The Bitcoin 2021 Conference held in Miami for 2021 attracted many looks from professional and novice investors. In this new session, the regulations that have affected trading in recent months were discussed.

Senators in Michigan, United States support the asset and have opened up to teach new investors how to manage it. These types of actions give more value to virtual money and keep it from a possible disappearance in the market. At the Bitcoin Conference, there was also talk about investing in the current bear market because its value will soon skyrocket.

Although the IRS measures were also relevant at the conference, the senators concluded that they do so to protect money. The internal tax service only seeks that trading is on the right track and does not enter a pirate and illegal scheme.

As the last point, the Bitcoin asset will seek to be renewed to increase the price security.

Will Bitcoin die?

Bitcoin crash 2021: What's next? 4

Although the theories about BTC and its eventual death are varied, it is something that everyone is unaware of. The graph has shown for now how profitable investing in cryptocurrency is. These crypto price spikes were nearly impossible to complete a decade ago when the cryptocurrency debuted.


Bitcoin will not die because it has shown its potential, and many investors have taken it as “digital gold.” The cryptocurrency transactions may suffer from some strict restrictions that help stabilize and legalize virtual currency. With these new crypto exchange measures, Bitcoin will improve its base, which will increase its price and popularity.

The death of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is far from complete, even though the market has changed. Cryptocurrency is likely to be dusted off, taken more seriously, and serve its goal of replacing fiat currency or fiat money. Many authorities in China, India, and even the United States have created their token to investing and joined the crypto world.

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