Bitcoin Cash regains 4th position: performing well amidst BCH-BSV split

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that was the top performer of the last 24 hours according to the statistics. Even though the crypto lost its position to Stellar lumens, the currency bounced back and regained its position at number 4 among the biggest cryptos by market worth.

The crypto market is under constant volatility and this weekend was no different. Many cryptocurrencies were pushed further down the reds while some saw a bit of green for their price action.

Statistics show that the price action has formed a Doji candle. A Doji candle is a pattern where the opening price is around the same point as the closing point. A Doji candle shows that there is a lot of indecision in the market.

While the sellers are doing most of the total trade, many investors see the fall as an opportunity to enter the crypto markets.

$200 is a key position for BCH and although its price rose a bit the price has begun dropping again over the last few hours.

Overall the market has been one big red over the last couple of weeks since the price fell by almost 64% over the last two weeks only.