Bitcoin Cash Price: slides down to $243

Failing to recover from its fall below $268, Bitcoin Cash Price stoops below its previous trading price, marking a fall of 2.36 percent in the 24-hour price analysis.

Bitcoin Cash/U.S. Dollar 1-Day Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Cash Price

Price Chart by TradingView

Starting the day above the 264 US dollar price line, the cryptocurrency experienced a constant state of price fall. In the 24-hour analysis, Bitcoin Cash had abruptly dropped to 238.67 US dollars, after which it exhibited a slight increase in price before it started falling again.

Closer to the end of the 1-day price analysis, the cryptocurrency had stooped below the $236 price line where it started to vary between the range $236 to $240, and the cryptocurrency currently trades at 243.72 US dollars.

Bitcoin Cash Price: What to expect?

Bitcoin Cash Price TradingView

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart by TradingView

According to the chart above, the moving averages are sketched along with the trading pair’s price-line. The 20-day Exponential Moving Average lies just below the cryptocurrency’s price-line, at 241.07 US dollars.

The 50-day Moving Average lies below the EMA at 239.31 US dollars, and the Relative Strength Index of the trading pair continues to vary between the levels 30 and 70, while at the time of writing, the RSI rests at 73.18.

Bitcoin Cash has a current market capitalization of 4,445,161,618 US dollars.

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