Bitcoin Cash Price: retraces towards $211

As of December 13, Bitcoin Cash price gradually retraces towards the $211 US Dollar mark on its price chart.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: December 13

Bitcoin Cash Price

Price Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency stood below the $206 level before it saw bulls just as December 13 dawned. The Bitcoin Cash / U.S. Dollar trading pair jumped straight towards the $208 level, after which it exhibited a disarranged behaviour in the price line. At GMT 8:14 GMT, the price line head below the $206 mark and saw the day’s low at $205.76, after which it recovered the price by crossing the $209 level on the price chart.

The cryptocurrency continued its climb to reach across the $212 mark on the price chart, at this point Bitcoin Cash saw its day’s high of 212.48 US Dollars at 16:45 GMT. At closing time, Bitcoin Cash traded at 211.61 US Dollars.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Bitcoin Cash Price

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart by TradingView

The moving averages do not mark any abrupt jumps in the price line, where the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) managed to close the day at $211.66. The 50-Day Moving Average closed under the EMA, at $210.64.

At 21:32 GMT, the Relative Strength Index peaked at 74.66, while it shows no other instances where the cryptocurrency surpassed its range of 30 – 70 for the RSI.


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