BioGun: Clinical Trial Offers a Sneak Peek into a Promising Metroidvania


  • BioGun: Clinical Trial blends shooting and platforming with resource strategy.
  • Save your pet dog in a captivating Metroidvania prologue.
  • Get a taste of BioGun’s exciting visuals and gameplay.

A new contender has emerged in the world of Metroidvania games on PC, offering players a chance to experience its opening areas with a special prologue available as a free game. BioGun: Clinical Trial has already captured the hearts of gamers with its distinctive concept and vibrant visuals. 

Developed by Dapper Dog Digital, this standalone prologue serves as an extended demo for the upcoming full-fledged Metroidvania title, BioGun. In BioGun: Clinical Trial, players step into the shoes of Bek, a character shrunk down to microscopic size and injected into their beloved pet dog to aid its immune system in battling the dangerous Dooper Virus pandemic. 

A charming blend of gameplay styles

BioGun: Clinical Trial immediately captivates players with its charming blend of gameplay styles. The game seamlessly melds twin-stick shooting reminiscent of classics like Axiom Verge and Metroid with the clean jump-and-dash platforming elements reminiscent of Hollow Knight. 

Unlike traditional Metroidvanias, where a magic system is employed, developer Dapper Dog Digital introduces a different twist to decision-making – the use of Atomic Energy. In BioGun: Clinical Trial, players must manage their Atomic Energy carefully, as it powers both powerful weapons and healing abilities. This strategic resource management adds depth and excitement to the combat experience.

Intriguing characters and narrative

The world of BioGun: Clinical Trial is enriched by its intriguing characters and narrative. Players will encounter ‘Phoebe,’ an anthropomorphized ‘organic smart chip’ that was previously implanted in their pup by DocX, the engineer who sent them inside. 

Phoebe plays a vital role in tracking vitals and providing assistance throughout the journey. Additionally, players will cross paths with the ‘White Blood Cells,’ a group of enforcer dogs donning blue combat gear. 

The engaging storyline and well-crafted characters provide players with a compelling motivation – the opportunity to save their beloved pet dog.

A glimpse into the future: BioGun

While BioGun: Clinical Trial serves as an enticing introduction to the world of BioGun, it also builds anticipation for the upcoming full-fledged title. BioGun promises to expand upon the concepts introduced in the prologue, offering players a rich and immersive Metroidvania experience. 
With its charming visuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, and engaging narrative, BioGun is poised to become a noteworthy addition to the ever-growing library of top-notch Metroidvania games on PC.

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