Binance coin is performing better than other alt coins; report

The bearish run in the market has taken a toll on a number of currencies. Major currencies including bitcoin have suffered an eighty to ninety percent decline from their all-time high prices. Although Bitcoin showed some signs of redemption and rose up to forty percent (40%) over the course of ninety days its current trading price is still seventy-three percent (73%) less than its all-time high trading price.

Many have coined this period of crypto space to be the crypto winter. Although many are showing little to no signs of rising back to their all-time high prices one cryptocurrency is standing out a lot. Binance Coin has almost hit its all-time high despite the crypto winter and is only twenty percent below its all-time high trading price.

During this crypto winter, Binance is the first cryptocurrency out of all twenty that has hit its all-time high price mark after experiencing a boom in market momentum over the course of the past ninety days. Binance is way past its all-time high against Bitcoin and is on its way to overtake United States Dollar as well.

Binance Coin is under the globally largest crypto exchange Binance. Binance Coin allows its users to get discount offers in trading fees and also gives its users opportunities to take part in funding for Binance’s Launchpad.

Binance Coin experienced a thirty percent (30%) raise over the course of the past thirty (30) days and its current trading price is nineteen dollars ($19.40). The last all-time high of Binance was in January 2018 that had raised its price to twenty-five dollars ($25.18).

Considering this we can calculate that Binance needs an almost six dollars ($5.78) raise to break its all-time high rate. Binance holds the seventh ranking on the market capitalization chart and its total value is two billion ($2.75 b).

If Binance continuous to grow at this rate we can expect it to hit an all-time high by the end of April 2019.