Binance CEO Rallies Crypto Industry for Unity Amid FUD Over Interpol Rumors


  • CZ urged the crypto industry to unite and fight rumors amidst the FUD surrounding an alleged Interpol Red Notice to him.
  • Despite the negative rumors, Bitcoin has remained stable, indicating that the market is becoming more robust and capable of handling external pressures.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, experienced a drop in the value of its BNB coin, following rumors that CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) had received an Interpol Red Notice. CZ denied the rumor, stating that the notice was being spread using a photoshopped image. The speculation led to a 3% drop in BNB price, which could have had fatal consequences for the cryptocurrency market, given Binance’s dominant position in terms of market share.

The FUD around Interpol Notice

The FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) surrounding the Interpol Red Notice originated from an encrypted message that was decoded to read “Interpol Red Warning for CZ.” The message, which was decoded using the SHA-256 hash algorithm, was initially posted in a tweet by Cobie. CZ doubted if the rumor was planted by another cryptocurrency exchange. He stated that the industry was already facing significant concerns in the form of regulatory scrutiny and that speculations like these hurt the industry and even those who planted the rumor.

The use of encrypted messages and hash algorithms to spread rumors and FUD in the crypto industry is not a new phenomenon. Such tactics can cause panic and instability in the market, leading to significant losses for investors. CZ’s call for unity in the industry highlights the need for transparency and collaboration in tackling negative speculations and maintaining stability in the crypto market.

Crypto Industry Needs to be United to Fight Rumors

CZ urged the crypto industry to unite to fight rumors, stating that there were already enough external forces attacking the industry. He called on the industry to come together at this juncture and stand up against negative speculations. The FUD around the Interpol Red Notice highlights the need for the industry to work together to maintain stability in the crypto market.

The crypto industry is still in its nascent stages, and as such, it remains vulnerable to external forces that can cause instability and damage investor confidence. Negative rumors and FUD can be detrimental to the market and hurt the growth and development of the industry. CZ’s call for unity among crypto industry players highlights the need for collaboration and a shared vision to tackle these challenges. By working together, the industry can create a stronger and more resilient ecosystem that is better equipped to withstand external pressures and promote growth and innovation.

Bitcoin Price Stable Despite FUD

Despite the FUD surrounding Binance’s Interpol Red Notice speculation, the price of Bitcoin has remained stable, trading steadily around the $28,000 mark. This is a positive sign for the crypto market, which has been volatile in recent months due to various external factors such as regulatory scrutiny and negative media attention. The stability of Bitcoin is a positive indication that the market is starting to mature and become more resilient to negative news.

The stability of Bitcoin amidst the FUD surrounding Binance’s Interpol Red Notice speculation is a testament to the increasing resilience of the crypto market. Despite the negative rumors and external pressures, the market has continued to show signs of stability and maturity, with Bitcoin remaining relatively unaffected by the rumors. This is a positive sign for investors and the industry as a whole, as it indicates that the market is becoming more robust and capable of weathering external pressures. However, it is crucial for the industry to remain vigilant and work together to tackle negative speculations and maintain stability in the market.


The FUD surrounding Binance’s Interpol Red Notice highlights the need for the crypto industry to come together and stand united against negative speculations. The stability of Bitcoin despite the rumors is a positive sign for the industry, indicating that it is becoming more mature and resilient to external factors.

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