Beware: Scammers are impersonating Forward Protocol in fake Presale offering

Scammers are impersonating Forward Protocol

Scammers are trying to capitalize on Forward Protocol’s token launch event to defraud unsuspecting investors. We learned that these scammers are creating fake Telegram groups and accounts impersonating the official Forward Protocol channel and team, including the co-founder, Karnika E. Yashwant (KEY).

Beware of fake Forward Protocol channels

In the fraudulent messages, the scammer informed the users that their wallet address had been whitelisted and asked them to participate in the PRESALE at “Forward.DAOMaker.com” or “DA0maker.com/company/forward.” The offering is fake, and people can easily notice the following red flags:

  • The links shared in the messages are not official web addresses of the two launchpads – DAO Maker and MahaStarter
  • There are fewer people subscribed to the fake Telegram groups than official Forward Protocol accounts.
Beware: Scammers are impersonating Forward Protocol in fake Presale offering 1

Below are links to some of the fake Telegram groups.

  • https://t.me/forwardprotocolforum This is a scam 
  • https://t.me/ForwardProtocol_Ann This is a scam
  • https://t.me/forward_whitelist This is a scam
  • https://t.me/trebvrdbrd This is a scam
  • https://t.me/forwardprotocolnews This is a scam
  • https://t.me/Forward_Protocol This is a scam
  • https://t.me/Forward_Protocols This is a scam
  • https://t.me/forward_protocolofficial This is a scam
  • https://t.me/fdvdfvvf  This is a scam

We also noticed a fake web address (https://forward-protocol.com) which originated from Russia but posed to be from Forward Protocol. Note that the official domain name for Forward Protocol is (https://forwardprotocol.io/). 

Be Guided!

The team at Forward Protocol will not send you any private message or request you make any deposit for the $FORWARD presale. All the token launch activities will be observed through the two official launchpad partners – DAO Maker and MahaStarter. Additionally, any information that concerns the project or the token will be communicated through the following official social media handles.



Announcement Channel: 


Russian Chat: 











Additionally, you can learn what and what not is affiliated with Forward Protocol by joining the ongoing Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. There you can learn more about the progress and future of Forward Protocol as a Web 3.0 toolkit provider. 

Beware: Scammers are impersonating Forward Protocol in fake Presale offering 2

We know that impersonation has become rampant in the cryptocurrency space. However, everyone needs to be informed and guided to be protected from such fraudulent schemes. 

Ibiam Wayas

Ibiam Wayas

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