Benefits of Staking Samecoin


Samecoin brings you a new ecosystem for crypto payments online with its family of stablecoins, notably SameUSD—which is tied to the value of a basket of stablecoins that are pegged to USD and is an easy-to-understand store of value for everyone.

Samecoin itself is the main utility token for the ecosystem, and it also presents a number of benefits to holders. Especially when used in conjunction with SamePay, the ecosystem’s revolutionary payment app.

On SamePay, users can stake Samecoin. Let’s have a look at the benefits of staking Samecoin:

Benefits of staking Samecoin

While transactions and fees on SamePay already have some of the lowest fees in the crypto market, these fees can be reduced even further by staking Samecoin.

When you stake Samecoin on SamePay to help with fees, you can benefit from a 25% discount on exchange trading fees. That’s 0.1% without Samecoin or $0.075% with Samecoin—making it one of the most affordable ways to trade crypto on the planet.

Samecoin stakers also get reduced transaction fees when using SamePay to buy goods and services. You can make the most of a 50% reduction when staking Samecoin on SamePay—fees of 0.5% as opposed to 1%.


Aside from financial benefits, by staking Samecoins holders will be allowed to vote on the future of the platform. You’ll be able to vote on proposals and changes, having a big impact on how the Samecoin ecosystem is governed, and how it develops for future use. That’s one reason why early-adopters of Samecoin could help shape the future of the platform and enjoy even more benefits moving forward.


Purchases made through SamePay will allow Samecoin stakers to unlock rewarding cashback bonuses. These will give you additional Samecoin tokens as a reward for all your purchases. This system will work similarly to traditional cashback offers, but with the added benefit of receiving Samecoins themselves. And remember, Samecoins can easily be traded for SameUSD or other currencies on the SamePay app—making it easy to build your crypto portfolio without actually buying any directly.

When using SamePay, you’ll already enjoy the benefits of a competitive crypto ecosystem, but you’ll also pay lower fees than with most other options, especially when staking Samecoin. While doing this, you’ll slowly build up even more Samecoins as a reward for your continued use of the platform. Hopefully, you can see that staking Samecoin has plenty of benefits for holders and especially SamePay users. As well as having additional voting rights, you’ll simply earn more money when you purchase goods and services or contribute to the wider Samecoin ecosystem.

Creators of Samecoin like to see these benefits as a constant loop of rewards. A system that really adds up over time. So with Samecoin and SamePay, you’ll get financial rewards, discounted fees, voting rights, and more.

It’s all these reasons and more why the Samecoin ecosystem looks to be the future of the stablecoin crypto market. More and more people are choosing to adopt it as their primary crypto platform, and you can see why there are tons of reasons you might want to do the same.

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