BendDAO Set to Launch BDIN Token on January 6 with Special Whitelist Rules


  • BendDAO is set to release its BDIN token on January 6, with a pre-launch snapshot and special whitelist rules for Alpha and Beta users on the BendDAO platform.
  • The BDIN tokens will also be launched on Launchpad for simultaneous trading, aiming to attract a wider audience and enhance BendDAO’s user base and ecosystem.

BendDAO, a prominent platform in the NFT lending space, has officially announced the release of its new token, BDIN. Scheduled for January 6. The launch marks a significant milestone for BendDAO, expanding its offerings and enhancing its platform’s capabilities. 

The introduction of the BDIN token is expected to bring new dynamics to the platform’s operations and user interactions.

Pre-launch preparations and snapshot details

In preparation for the token release, BendDAO has disclosed that a snapshot will be taken prior to the launch. The snapshot is a crucial step in ensuring a fair and transparent distribution process for the BDIN token. It will serve as a reference point to determine the eligibility of users for the token release, particularly those on the Alpha and Beta whitelists.

The Alpha and Beta whitelist rules, as stated by BendDAO, will be exclusively applicable to the token release on the BendDAO platform. The approach underscores BendDAO’s commitment to rewarding its early supporters and active community members. The whitelists are designed to provide these users with privileged access to the BDIN token, recognizing their contributions and engagement with the platform.

Trading and accessibility of BDIN tokens

Following the release, BDIN tokens that are launched on Launchpad will start trading simultaneously. The simultaneous trading is a strategic move by BendDAO to ensure liquidity and accessibility of the BDIN token from the outset. It allows for immediate market participation and trading opportunities for users, contributing to the token’s visibility and appeal in the broader cryptocurrency market.

BendDAO’s strategic decision to launch BDIN tokens on Launchpad is a clear indication of its aim to broaden its reach and appeal to a more extensive user base. By choosing Launchpad as a platform for the BDIN token release, BendDAO is not only ensuring immediate market accessibility but also providing various avenues for users to acquire the token. This inclusive approach is designed to attract a diverse range of users, from seasoned traders to newcomers in the cryptocurrency space, thereby expanding BendDAO’s community and strengthening its position in the market.

The introduction of BDIN tokens on Launchpad is anticipated to significantly enhance BendDAO’s overall ecosystem. By drawing in new users and increasing participation, the platform is set to experience a surge in activity and engagement. This expansion of the user base is crucial for BendDAO’s growth, as it promises to bring fresh perspectives and increased liquidity to the platform, further solidifying its role as a key player in the NFT lending market.


The upcoming release of the BDIN token by BendDAO is a strategic step towards expanding the platform’s offerings and enhancing its position in the NFT lending market. With careful preparations and the implementation of whitelist rules, BendDAO is poised to ensure a fair and successful token launch. The simultaneous trading of BDIN tokens on Launchpad opens new opportunities for market engagement and growth. As BendDAO continues to innovate and evolve, the BDIN token launch is set to be a key driver in the platform’s continued success and growth in the dynamic world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

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