Balancer Ethereum project now live on mainnet

Balancer Ethereum project now live on mainnet

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Balancer Ethereum mainnet launch went well, and the project is now live for ETH users. Ethereum mainnet Balancer launch has seen a muted response from the ETH community. The interest is likely to pick up once the COVID-19 market turmoil subsides. Balancer published its white paper in September 2019, and the launch was imminent ever since the ETH community took an interest in the project.

The Balancer project is based on the Automated Market Makers model of Uniswap. Numerous liquidity pools are part of the Balancer implementation model and are very much similar to Uniswap. The differences end there! Unlike Uniswap, every liquidity pool in Balancer does not have to maintain a dedicated ETH. This is more in line with an index fund structure that is implemented in practical applications via a multi-asset construction.

Balancer Ethereum launch to offer token swaps and more

The Open Finance ecosystem has shown interest in the Balancer project. In a statement released last week, Balancer stated that Accomplice and Placeholder had invested 43 million in the project. The Balancer Ethereum mainnet launch is excellent news considering the current pessimist environment in the crypto realm due to coronavirus. Once the storm subsides, the project will attract more investors.

The news of the Balancer Ethereum mainnet launch shows that the project has successfully moved from the closed beta phase. The increase in the number of users suggests a slow start, but the project is likely to pick up the pace. As per the official blog, the launch includes a pool management DApp besides an exchange DApp.

The Balancer offers the ability to swap two tokens. Also, existing pools come with good liquidity management options. Optimized trade is achieved using smart order router. Balancer already has clients integrating their platform for services. DEX aggregator uses Balancer for liquidity sourcing on a test basis. Other notable projects looking to incorporate with Balancer include DEX.ag and Totle.

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