B-Side Games pause the development of Chainmonsters

Chainmonsters development paused by Bside games

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  • B-Side Games has temporarily paused the development of Chainmonsters due to financial challenges.
  • The company has faced difficulties in raising additional capital through traditional VC funding or its Foundation Sale.
  • The studio has downsized and shut down game servers, but remains committed to securing funding and resuming development.

B-Side Games, an independent game studio, has announced a temporary halt in the development of their popular blockchain-based game, Chainmonsters.

The studio has faced financial challenges recently, leading to downsizing and the shutdown of game servers. Despite the pause, the company remains committed to securing funding and resuming the game’s development in the future.

Financial struggles force a difficult decision

Chainmonsters, which began as a 2017 Ethereum prototype developed by a university student, has grown into a beloved game with a passionate community.

The studio has worked closely with players to deliver a groundbreaking game featuring experimental and exhilarating features. However, recent struggles in the blockchain market and the global economy have left B-Side Games unable to raise additional capital through traditional venture capital (VC) funding or their Foundation Sale.

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Consequently, the company has been forced to downsize, letting go of long-time team members and shutting down game servers due to unmanageable server and infrastructure costs. The decision to pause the development of Chainmonsters is a difficult one, but the studio sees it as the only logical step at this time.

A Temporary Break, Not the End

Despite the pause in development, B-Side Games remains optimistic about Chainmonsters’ future. The company’s top priority is to secure a major VC-backed funding round, after which they can focus on content creation, including new Chainmons, islands, and quests. The studio emphasizes that this is not the end of Chainmonsters but rather a temporary break.

The timeline for securing funding and resuming development is uncertain, especially given the current economic climate. Nevertheless, B-Side Games is committed to making it happen and will provide updates as soon as there are any significant developments.

What It Means for Chainmonsters Players

Players can rest assured that their game and account progress, caught Chainmons, achievements, and other data are fully backed up and will be restored once funding is secured.

In the meantime, B-Side Games asks for the understanding and respect of the privacy of team members and requests that players refrain from sending direct messages.

The pause in Chainmonsters’ development is a setback for both the company and the game’s community, but B-Side Games remains determined to overcome the challenges and continue its journey with its loyal players.

As the world watches and waits, the future of Chainmonsters hangs in the balance, with the potential to emerge even stronger once the financial obstacles are overcome.

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