Axie infinity partners with Marker as both seek to expand presence

According to the latest report, stablecoin Dai’s firm Maker and the crypto-collectible game Axie Infinity, have teamed up. This development will help to connect the vast world of video gaming with the emerging industry of cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity is a game in which fantasy creatures are collected and raised and are known as Axie. This new partnership of stablecoin and gaming is likely to turn the battles in Axe Infinity into a more interactive game with apparently endless supply of customization options and creatures.

Up till now, the users had to make purchases with ether (ETH), but with Dai’s introduction in the ecosystem of Axie players are definitely going to benefit from the stable in-game currency. Moreover, those who are already consumers of Maker’s collateralized debt position (CDP) products are likely to enjoy additional benefits. So, for a limited time period, users who have exchanged ether via CDP in return could claim a Da themed Axie NFT, which ranges in rarity and value; depending upon the amount of DAI drawn via CDP.

Furthermore, the players of Axie Infinity can earn the prize of one thousand stablecoin Dai by being top ranking Axie trainer for “Ladder Season One.” A pool of another one thousand Dai has been added to the battle tournament.

Although, the partnership of these two companies may be depicting new beginnings in the world of blockchain technology, yet these games do not offer real ownership to the users. The purchased items have no real value in the real world. However, the emergence of NFTs in the gaming space is indicating that things are about to change.