Avalanche Studios Group Shut Down Montreal and New York Offices

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  • Avalanche Studios shut down Montreal and New York offices, laying off 50 workers.
  • The restructuring aims to stabilize & sustain the company’s future amidst industry challenges.
  • Avalanche Studios maintains that it plans to deliver incredible gaming experiences regardless of the layoffs.

Avalanche Studios Group has closed its Montreal and New York studios. The company revealed this decision in a statement on its website, which resulted in the layoff of 50 workers at both studios.

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According to Avalanche Studios’ statement, the decision to close its offices aims to stabilize and sustain the company’s future as it deals with the realities of a highly competitive and developing gaming space. The company maintains its dedication to creating gaming experiences for players and supporting those affected during this shutdown.

Avalanche Restructures for a Stable and Sustainable Future

Avalanche Studios Group, the developers behind open-world action games such as the Just Cause series, mentioned the necessity for the shutdown to maintain long-term viability. Avalanche in a statement said: 

This is an exceptionally difficult decision, but we believe it’s necessary to ensure a stable and sustainable future for the company. Our focus is now on supporting all the avalanchers through this challenging time.

Source Avalanche Studios’ statement

The Montreal Office set up in October 2022 after the acquisition of local developer Monster Closet Games, had a relatively short lifespan. Meanwhile, the New York studio, set up in 2011, had previously experienced staff cuts in 2015 along with the Stockholm office, after the launch of Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.

Avalanche Plans to Maintain Its Creative Vision 

Regardless of the shutdown, the company emphasized its dedication to ensuring an ‘incredible gaming experience’ for its players. A statement by Avalanche expressed gratitude for the laid-off employees’ contributions, citing their invaluable part in shaping the company’s creative efforts. The statement read:

We’re grateful for the invaluable contributions of those leaving and remain committed to creating incredible gaming experiences for our players.

Source Avalanche Studios’ statement

The layoffs come as the gaming industry experiences economic challenges, amplified competition, and changing consumer demands. These new conditions have pushed many studios to reevaluate their operations and prioritize efficiency and sustainability over expansive growth.

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The shutdown of Montreal and New York offices reflects a more comprehensive consolidation pattern within the gaming industry. As development costs soar and market saturation rises, companies focus highly on simplifying their operations and concentrating their resources on core accomplishments.

Although the layoffs are a clear blow for the employees, the gamers are interested in the company’s additional steps and outcomes in related projects. Companies such as Avalanche Studios Group have to face this challenge as the industry continues to expand.

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