Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain recovers from five-hour network outage


  • Avalanche (AVAX) had a five-hour network outage due to excessive node communication, but it’s fixed now with an update to AvalancheGo v1.11.1.
  • The glitch didn’t shake AVAX’s market much; it’s trading at $35.55, showing a slight 1.85% drop in the last 24 hours.
  • Like Solana’s recent outage, this incident highlights the importance of robust network maintenance in the blockchain world.

The Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, a prominent layer-1 competitor to Ethereum (ETH), encountered a five-hour network outage, disrupting block acceptance on its primary network. The incident, reported by Avalanche Status, a data-tracking platform, temporarily hampered essential operations within the blockchain ecosystem. 

However, the Ava Labs team swiftly resolved the issue through a crucial update, restoring normalcy to the network’s functionality.

Resolution through an upgrade to AvalancheGo v1.11.1

Patrick O’Grady, Vice President of Platform Engineering at Ava Labs, disclosed that the outage stemmed from node validators experiencing excessive communication. The team promptly released AvalancheGo v1.11.1 to address this issue, effectively mitigating the problem. O’Grady emphasized the importance of node upgrades, urging users to transition to the latest version for optimal performance.

He stated, “Please upgrade your node to AvalancheGo to v1.11.1. This release disables logic added in v1.10.18 that led to validators sending excessive gossip to each other.” O’Grady explained that flawed logic in previous versions caused nodes to inundate their bandwidth allocation with superfluous transaction gossip, hindering the processing of essential queries and disrupting consensus mechanisms.

Minimal impact on AVAX price amid outage

Despite the network outage, AVAX’s market performance remained relatively stable. At the time of reporting, AVAX was trading at $35.55, reflecting a marginal decrease of 1.85% over the past 24 hours. Market analysts noted that the outage did not significantly affect investor sentiment, indicating resilience within the AVAX ecosystem despite technical challenges.

The incident with Avalanche follows a recent trend of network disruptions among layer-1 blockchain platforms. Earlier this month, Solana (SOL), another prominent competitor to Ethereum, encountered a similar five-hour outage. 

The disruption temporarily prompted cryptocurrency exchange UpBit to suspend deposits and withdrawals for SOL and SOL-based products. These incidents underscore the importance of robust network infrastructure and proactive maintenance protocols in ensuring uninterrupted blockchain operations.

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