Austria targets to promote crypto trust by taxing them like stocks

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TL; DR Breakdown

  • Austria’s crypto tax is taking a unique path.
  • The New crypto levy will give traders confidence in crypto.

The eco-social tax reform in Austria will soon impose a 27.5 % capital gains levy on digital assets. The fundamental change is intended to improve trust in digital assets.

This proposal comes from a presentation earlier last month to the Council of Ministers. Jurisdictions have taken a keen interest in the implementation of taxes as the crypto market cap spiked.

The country has been trying to improve the taxes sector. The new crypto tax could take motion before the second trimester of 2022.

Austria promoting equality among investors

If all works according to plan, the crypto levy will promote equality among investors. It is so since the set-up of various cryptos will be rationalized. Moreover, the EU will gain a lot financially from the directive.

The Finance Ministry said they had decided to take the path of promoting equality in innovation. He noted that the attribute would reduce tension among investors. Moreover, the proposal will ensure the country makes good progress.

Still, it is worth noting that investments acquired before the proposal is effected will not incur taxes.

The levy will be applicable when tokens are sold. At the moment, there is a tax in place for tokens that are held under one year (speculative investments).

The investments are taxed at a 55 % rate. The figure is standard and varies depending on the value.

However, the income from speculative investments that do not surpass 440 euros is presently not taxed.

Safeguarding Investors

The recent directions note that traders who sell one digital token to purchase another won’t be subjected to tax liability. Moreover, investors will be covered against losses. In case they incur a loss in the selling process, they will get compensation. This will protect investors who sell at a loss.

Taxation events vary from country to country. According to Austria, the new tax is structured differently from other EU countries. They believe it’s the first of its kind in the European Union, and they will lead as others follow.

Most EU countries lack clear directives on tax guidance, and this is far from a unified picture. For example, in France, transfers of crypto-to-fiat are the only ones subjected to a taxable event.

Some other countries have no capital gains tax payable from digital assets. The only exception is if they are deemed speculative.

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