Audiobook Industry Faces Challenges with AI-Enhanced Narration


  • Yembo used AI to clone an actor’s voice for audiobook translations, sparking debates among narrators.
  • The move highlights concerns about AI’s impact on human performers in the narration industry.
  • While AI offers efficiency, human actors provide unique emotion, raising questions about the future of narration.

Yembo, a San Diego-based software company, is stirring debates with its innovative approach to AI-enhanced audiobooks in a groundbreaking move. Spearheaded by Zach Rattner, the co-founder of Yembo and author of an AI-focused book, the company’s recent endeavor involves the utilization of AI-cloned voices for narrating translations of his work.

Royalty payments for AI-cloned translations: A first in the industry

The scenario unfolds with Hailey Hansard, an actor who initially recorded the English audiobook, now receiving royalties for utilizing her AI-cloned voice to translate the book into 15 languages. This move is unprecedented in the audiobook realm, where AI narration is increasingly prevalent, but royalty payment for AI-cloned translations remains uncharted territory.

The contract between Yembo and Hailey Hansard has sparked interest and apprehension among voice actors and industry professionals. Amidst the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology and narration, this contract addresses crucial aspects of revenue distribution and the role of human performers in the face of AI-generated content.

Implications for actors and the audiobook industry

While AI-enhanced narration offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it raises concerns among human actors about the potential threat to their livelihoods. The contract’s significance lies in its attempt to navigate this complex terrain, balancing the interests of both publishers and voice actors amidst the rise of AI in the audiobook industry.

The contract between Yembo and Hailey Hansard underscores the ongoing debates surrounding using human versus synthetic voices in narration. While AI offers convenience and scalability, human actors bring a unique depth of emotion and interpretation to their performances, which AI struggles to replicate.

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