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Chesnais: Atari Token wallets to be submitted to major platforms in the next 48 hours.

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  • Atari CEO announces Atari Token Wallet on Apple and Google
  • Chesnais insisted on the importance of increased use cases.
  • He refused to comment on criticism levied at the company.

Atari CEO announces Atari Token Wallet on Apple and Google

In a recent Telegram AMA, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais announced that the Atari Wallet will be submitted on Google and Apple platforms in the next 48 hours. He stated that the wallet would initially be released as a Beta.

‘we want to have more users to get feedback and also more crush testing, ie we need volume to stress-test the features.’

Chesnais: Atari Token wallets to be submitted to major platforms in the next 48 hours. 1

Chesnais further went on to state that the company had plans to further expand use cases for the token, as well as a desire to increase staking for its users in the future.

He refused to comment in response to criticism of the difficult token launch. On the question of entering further exchanges, he vaguely stated:

‘To do this, you need to have the approval of the exchange, this is not predictable.’

Atari, former gaming titan of the 70s and 80s, announced the Atari Token in 2018. It released in November of this year to a rocky start, with the value falling more than 70% at the point of the public sale closure. Since then the company has come under scrutiny from investors and games fans alike. The service also came under fire for its limited usage, currently being restricted to use in the Atari Casino and some limited games.

Atari has also announced plans to release a new home gaming console which will support use of the token. This comes alongside plans to open a major luxury hotel chain.

Chenais’ plans to build on use cases seem like a strong path forward, however only time will tell if trust in the token can be restored.

Yaz Reynolds

Yaz Reynolds

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