ASUS ROG Ally Handheld Console Hits Lowest-Ever Price in Cyber Week Deal


  • ASUS ROG Ally hits an all-time low price of $399 in a surprise Cyber Week deal! Gamers, don’t miss out on this 34% discount!
  • Top 5 handheld gaming consoles in 2023: Nintendo Switch OLED, ASUS ROG Ally, Steam Deck, AyaNeo Air Plus, and Super Pocket
  • Nintendo 3DS and PSP get a nod for their legendary game libraries. Explore the best options for your gaming needs!

In a surprising turn of events, the ASUS ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 handheld gaming console is currently available at its lowest-ever price of $399, down from its original price of $600. This remarkable Cyber Week deal offers gamers the chance to save a substantial $200, representing a 34% discount. However, potential buyers are urged to act quickly, as the duration of this deal remains uncertain and stocks may run out sooner than expected. This price drop marks an unprecedented low for the ASUS ROG Ally.

Perfect timing for holiday shopping

This exclusive deal comes at a time when most holiday sales have recently concluded, but with Christmas just around the corner, early shoppers are in for a treat. The ASUS ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 variant is an ideal gift for gaming enthusiasts and is likely to leave recipients thrilled. With this substantial discount, it’s the perfect opportunity to acquire one of the most powerful handheld gaming consoles available today.

The ASUS ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 boasts impressive features, including 512GB of storage and a 1080p display with a 120Hz refresh rate. In comparison to Valve’s Steam Deck, which has received acclaim, the ASUS ROG Ally offers more power and runs on Windows 11, providing gamers with a broader selection of games. Other handheld gaming PCs are often limited to Linux and, in some cases, Android.

As the holiday sales season approaches, there is no guarantee that a similar deal for this device will be available. Typically, the best deals and discounts are seen towards the end of November as retailers seek to capitalize on the festive spirit. If you are in search of a handheld gaming PC capable of handling a wide range of games, the ASUS ROG Ally is a compelling choice, especially when priced this competitively.

Top picks for handheld gaming consoles in 2023

With a multitude of handheld gaming consoles on the market, it can be challenging to determine the best options. Here are some top picks for handheld gaming consoles in 2023:

Nintendo Switch OLED (2021): The Nintendo Switch OLED remains the ultimate handheld console, thanks to its affordability and an extensive collection of indie and AAA games. The OLED model, released in 2021, improved color vibrancy and brightness, making it a significant upgrade. With titles like Tears of the Kingdom, Bayonetta 3, and Shin Megami Tensei V, the Nintendo Switch offers a unique gaming experience. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable gaming sessions.

ASUS ROG Ally (2023): The ASUS ROG Ally has emerged as a strong competitor to the Steam Deck, offering impressive performance, affordability, and popularity. It features a 1080p, 120Hz screen and a powerful APU, running on Windows, which provides access to a vast library of games, including AAA titles. Its versatility and power make it an excellent choice for gamers.

Steam Deck (2022): Valve’s Steam Deck is a notable handheld gaming console with a powerful AMD APU, 16GB of RAM, and storage options ranging from 64GB to 1TB. While it runs on a Linux-based operating system, it offers access to a wide range of games, including Steam Deck Verified titles. The immersive gaming experience it provides outweighs its display resolution.

AyaNeo Air Plus (2023): The AyaNeo Air Plus stands out with its AMD Ryzen 7 6800U mobile processor, making it exceptionally powerful. It caters to a variety of gaming preferences, from AAA titles to retro games. While it runs on Windows 11, offering a vast gaming library, it may require some configuration for optimal handheld gaming.

Super Pocket: The Super Pocket is an affordable option that truly fits in your pocket. It features a Game Boy-like form factor with four trigger buttons and a 320×240 pixel IPS screen. This device offers nostalgia by allowing players to enjoy retro games from various publishers. With USB-C charging and support for the Evercade ecosystem, it’s a budget-friendly choice for gamers.

Honorable mentions: Nintendo 3DS and PSP

While they may no longer be the best, the Nintendo 3DS and PSP deserve recognition for their contributions to handheld gaming. The Nintendo 3DS excelled with an outstanding game library, including classics like Ocarina of Time 3D and Monster Hunter Generations. On the other hand, the PSP offered powerful gaming experiences with titles such as Metal Gear, God of War, and the ability to play PSX/PS1 games.

The ASUS ROG Ally Ryzen Z1’s unprecedented price drop presents an excellent opportunity for gamers to acquire a high-performance handheld console. With the holiday season approaching, it’s a deal worth considering. However, the gaming market in 2023 offers a variety of compelling options, making it essential to explore different consoles to find the one that suits your gaming preferences. Whether you opt for the Nintendo Switch OLED, ASUS ROG Ally, Steam Deck, AyaNeo Air Plus, or Super Pocket, there’s a handheld gaming console to meet your gaming needs.

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