Assange arrest: $25k collected in Bitcoin donations

Julian Paul Assange the infamous computer programmer, as well as the founder of WikiLeaks, has recently been arrested in London. Many are trying to support Julian Assange by donating funds along with slogans like defending WikiLeaks. As of now over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) worth of BTC have been donated over the course of only twenty-four hours.

Julian Assange’s arrest caused chaos and uproar all over the world. The outburst is to protest against suppressing press freedom. Many people are now pointing fingers at the government and all their wrongdoings to defend Julian Assange’s. Important personalities have made an effort to expose the government’s corruption and also made a WikiLeaks defense fund.

Julian Assange was living in London for over seven years but on Thursday 11th April 2019 he was arrested on the president’s orders. The president canceled Julian Assange’s asylum status.

The people have shown immense support by donating hundreds of dollars and the funds are accepted in cryptocurrencies. As of now, the fund supports Bitcoin, Zcash and fiat currencies. The funds can be given through cheques and bank cards.

Many donations were made by using Bitcoin and over twenty transactions were made to the funds only a few moments after the arrest occurred. Now that twenty-four hours have passed the transaction rate is standing at a hundred and forty. The total donations made is over thirty-one thousand dollars ($31,000) worth of Bitcoin and the numbers only seem to be going up

This seems to be a gesture of Bitcoin to support Julian Assange just like he supported Bitcoin when it was at its lowest. Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and in 2018 it had stopped providing its services to WikiLeaks. This decision of Coinbase was openly ridiculed. WikiLeaks supported Bitcoin when others were turning their backs against it. The decision of supporting BTC was a good one because by 2017 the organization had a hefty twenty-two million dollars ($22m) worth of Bitcoin.

Assange had previously made a statement saying that if the government and authorities had not illegally instilled a blockage on WikiLeaks then we would have never pushed ourselves to invest in Bitcoin. For this, he thanked the government mockingly.

This goes to show that supporting Bitcoin was a good idea for WikiLeaks in every time of need and the organization is still standing because of the Bitcoin investments.