Artfi CEO threatens legal action against Yuga Labs


  • The CEO of Artfi Asif Kamal has threatened legal action against Yuga Labs over the incident that occurred at the ApeFest.
  • Emphasizing safety at events in the NFT industry.

Art technology company Artfi’s CEO, Asif Kamal, has taken a legal stance against Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), following an unfortunate incident during ApeFest in Hong Kong. Kamal, who sustained an eye infection and facial burns at the event, expressed his dismay over the negligence that led to his injuries and has initiated legal action to address the situation.

Artfi CEO wants to pursue legal action against Yuga Labs

The decision to pursue legal recourse comes in the wake of reports detailing eye injuries suffered by several ApeFest attendees allegedly due to a flawed lighting setup at the event’s venue. The Artfi CEO’s firm resolution to seek legal action stems from his concern for the BAYC community, Yuga Labs, and the entire Web3 ecosystem, hoping to prevent any detrimental impact on them. However, the Artfi executive remains resolute in addressing the neglect that has deeply affected him.

Yuga Labs responded to the incident by stating they are actively investigating and treating the situation with gravity. Speculation from Twitter users has suggested that the cause of these injuries might be attributed to the utilization of UV-C bulbs—used for disinfection purposes—instead of the intended blacklights during the three-day festival. Recounting his distressing experience in Hong Kong, Kamal expressed a sense of helplessness during his brief visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, especially due to the lack of English-speaking medical staff.

He described sending a “legal notice” to Yuga Labs as the initial step toward a potential lawsuit, reiterating the gravity of his situation and the need for accountability. The repercussions of the eye infection and burns left Kamal feeling incapacitated and vulnerable. His hospital visit involved the application of a device that regularly flushed his eyes with a cold solution, leaving him temporarily blinded and deeply affected.

Emphasizing safety at events in the NFT industry

Yuga Labs estimated that less than 1% of the 2,250 ApeFest attendees reported symptoms related to eye issues. Despite this statistic, they encouraged anyone experiencing similar problems to seek medical attention as a precautionary measure. During a recent video interview conducted from Dubai, the 33-year-old CEO appeared wearing sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, concealing the visible aftermath of the burns on his face. Photos shared by Kamal revealed peeling skin on his forehead from the incident.

Regarding his vision, the Artfi boss mentioned a persistent haziness and a sensation akin to having “small darts” in the corner of one eye. Before the event, Kamal, a Mutant Ape owner, had purchased a $60,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT in support of the community in the presence of BAYC co-founder Greg “Garga” Solano. Kamal emphasized that two other individuals, whom he knows, are grappling with similar symptoms following their attendance at ApeFest.

He stressed the importance of Yuga Labs implementing better safety measures for their events, asserting that neglecting human safety in a community that has significantly contributed to their financial success is unacceptable. The incident at ApeFest has spotlighted the critical necessity of prioritizing safety measures at such events and underscored the significance of ensuring the well-being of attendees within the NFT community, despite the festive nature of the gatherings.

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