Arena group’s CEO ousted amid AI-generated content scandal


  • Media companies face reputation risks with AI-generated content.
  • Arena Group’s swift response underscores the importance of credibility.
  • The debate over AI’s impact on journalism continues.

The Arena Group, the publishing company responsible for iconic titles such as Sports Illustrated and Men’s Journal, has announced the termination of its CEO, Ross Levinsohn, along with two other top executives, as it grapples with a scandal involving the publication of articles authored by artificial intelligence and bylined with fictitious names.

AI-Generated content sparks outrage

The controversy erupted last month when Futurism, a news outlet, exposed the use of AI-generated content within the pages of Sports Illustrated. The magazine had been featuring articles penned by AI algorithms and attributed to non-existent authors with stock photo profile pictures.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the media industry, tarnishing the reputation of one of America’s most cherished sports publications.

Arena Group’s response was swift. In addition to the removal of the AI-generated authors from Sports Illustrated’s website, the company has taken decisive action against its leadership.

Key terminations at Arena group

CEO Ross Levinsohn, a prominent figure in the media industry, was removed from his position on Monday. This move comes as part of a series of dismissals within the company’s executive ranks. Chief Operating Officer Andrew Kraft and the President of Media, Rob Barrett, also saw their employment terminated. 

Furthermore, Julie Fenster, the company’s General Counsel, was not spared from the fallout.

The dismissals indicate the seriousness with which Arena Group is addressing the situation, aiming to rectify the damage to its reputation and ensure the integrity of its publications.

The scandal did not stop at Sports Illustrated. Another Arena-owned publication, The Street, was also found to have utilized AI-generated authors and content. The financial publication, co-founded by CNBC host Jim Cramer and acquired by Arena in 2019 for $16.5 million, faced scrutiny for its role in the controversy.

Arena Group issued a statement defending its actions after the initial report was published. The company maintained that the articles highlighted by Futurism were product reviews licensed through a third-party contractor, AdVon Commerce. Arena Group explained that an internal review of the content had been conducted, initially finding that the articles were not AI-generated.

However, the company admitted that AdVon Commerce had allowed writers to use pseudonyms or pen names in some articles, ostensibly to protect author privacy—an action condemned by Arena Group. Subsequently, Arena Group severed ties with AdVon Commerce, removed the content in question, and initiated a more extensive internal investigation.

Reputation management in the spotlight

The swift and decisive actions taken by Arena Group reflect the importance of reputation management in the media industry. With the credibility of its publications at stake, the company chose to part ways with key executives and address the issue head-on.

The use of AI-generated content in media has been a topic of debate and scrutiny, as it blurs the line between human and machine-generated journalism. Critics argue that it can compromise the authenticity and reliability of information presented to the public.

Sports Illustrated, a venerable publication with a rich history of covering sports, has been grappling with declining print circulation and the digital transition. The controversy surrounding AI-generated content is an unwelcome distraction as it seeks to maintain its position in the sports media landscape.

The Street, a financial publication known for its expert analysis and market insights, is also faced with potential repercussions. The use of AI-generated authors could raise questions about the quality and reliability of financial reporting.

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