Arbitrum DAO Proposes $3.3 Million Memecoin Fund to Boost Ecosystem Growth


  • The Arbitrum DAO is considering a $3.3 million fund to support memecoins in its ecosystem, aiming to boost liquidity and user engagement through the viral appeal of memecoins.
  • The proposal has received mixed reactions from the community, with some seeing it as an innovative growth strategy, while others criticize it as potentially wasteful, highlighting the diverse perspectives on leveraging memecoins for ecosystem development.


The Arbitrum DAO is considering a bold move to infuse new energy and attract a wider audience to its ecosystem. A recent proposal on the Arbitrum DAO forum has sparked considerable interest and debate within the community. 

The suggestion, put forth by user 0xkawz, is to establish a $3.3 million fund dedicated to supporting memecoins within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The innovative approach aims to leverage the viral nature of memecoins to boost liquidity, user engagement, and overall activity on the blockchain.

Arbitrum cultivating a memecoin-friendly ecosystem

The proposal outlines a strategic plan to create a memecoin fund that would not only support but also cultivate a memecoin-friendly culture within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The initiative is designed to draw attention, new users, and increase DeFi activity, addressing the current challenges of stagnating daily active users (DAUs) and the difficulty protocols face in attracting new participants. Despite Arbitrum’s leading position in total value locked (TVL) among Layer 2 solutions, these issues have prompted the community to explore innovative solutions to stimulate growth and engagement.

The proposed fund structure includes the appointment of five board members and three collaborators responsible for the fund’s day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Managed through a 5/9 multi-signature wallet, the fund aims to maintain transparency and integrity, prohibiting board members and collaborators from investing in the tokens supported by the fund. Criteria for memecoin selection emphasize fair launches, secure contracts, a high holder count, low whale concentration, adequate liquidity provisioning, and a minimum market capitalization of $1 million. Selected projects could receive investments ranging from $50K to USD 150K, along with dedicated support from graphic designers and video renderers to enhance their visibility and appeal.

A strategic investment in the future

The urgency of implementing the memecoin fund is highlighted, with a proposed timeline aiming for immediate action and a minimum propagation period of six months. The period will serve as a litmus test for the fund’s impact on the Arbitrum ecosystem, after which the DAO can decide whether to continue, expand, or dissolve the fund based on its performance. In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets would be converted to $ARB and returned to the Arbitrum DAO, ensuring a responsible and flexible approach to the experimental venture.

The budget for the memecoin fund is meticulously outlined, totaling $3,315,000 USD in $ARB tokens. The budget covers monthly compensation for the board members, collaborators, and graphic designers, in addition to an initial allocation of $3 million USD in $ARB to jumpstart the fund. Furthermore, the proposal includes a provision for additional funding of $1-2 million USD in $ARB as grants to Arbitrum DeFi protocols that integrate the supported memecoins into their offerings. The strategic move aims to bridge the gap between the memecoin and DeFi landscapes within the Arbitrum ecosystem, fostering innovation and integration across different facets of the blockchain space.

Community response and the path forward

The proposal has garnered a mixed reaction from the Arbitrum community. While the majority express enthusiasm and support for the initiative, citing the potential for significant positive impact on the ecosystem similar to the success of $BONK on Solana, some members have voiced concerns. Critics, like NicoDeva, label the proposal as “cringe and lame,” interpreting it as an attempt to bail out failing memecoins with foundation funds. Despite these dissenting voices, the prevailing sentiment within the community leans towards optimism, viewing the memecoin fund as a creative and bold strategy to invigorate the Arbitrum ecosystem.

As the Arbitrum DAO deliberates on the proposal, the decision will not only reflect the community’s appetite for innovation but also set a precedent for how blockchain ecosystems can leverage the unique appeal of memecoins to drive growth and user engagement. The outcome of the proposal could mark a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Arbitrum ecosystem, potentially inspiring other blockchain communities to explore similar strategies to catalyze growth and foster a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic digital economy.


The Arbitrum DAO’s consideration of a $3.3 million memecoin fund represents a forward-thinking approach to blockchain ecosystem development. By tapping into the viral and community-driven nature of memecoins, Arbitrum aims to enhance liquidity, user engagement, and DeFi activity. As the community weighs the benefits and risks, the decision will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the future of Arbitrum and potentially serve as a model for innovation across the broader blockchain landscape.

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