BAYC’s ApeFest attendees later experience ‘extreme pain’ and vision issues


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  • Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, took to the streets of Hong Kong to mark the 2023 ApeFest that celebrates the global nature of the BAYC and Yuga communities.
  • A number of those present at Yuga Labs’ ApeFest event in Hong Kong have complained of eye pain, impaired eyesight, and acute pain, after being exposed to poor lighting.
  • Yuga Labs is yet to make an official statements about the affected attendees – with over 15 recorded incidents.

Recently, Yuga Labs went big with ApeFest that went down in Hong Kong. Like anything Yuga Labs has done – such as the popularity of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) – ApeFest was expected to go big. Did the event meet the expected community demands? Yes. However, there is trouble for those wo made it to the event. 

Details on ApeFest Hong Kong Merch drop 

The Bored Ape Yacht Club disclosed information regarding the forthcoming merch release in connection with ApeFest Hong Kong. An online and in-person merchandise collection was scheduled to take place on Friday, November 3, at 9:00 a.m. (GMT), as stated in the announcement.

Only owners of BAYC and MAYC were granted access to the token-gated collection. The online boutique was scheduled to close on Sunday, November 16, 2018, after which the collection would remain available for more than two weeks.

Yuga implemented measures to guarantee the safety of purchasers by implementing Tokenproof for the transaction. Moreover, the global significance of the BAYC and Yuga communities is heavily highlighted at this year’s ApeFest. 

This is in contrast to the music-oriented event of the last year, which is now centred on an abundance of “surprises” and experiences throughout the city, all of which are supported by a strong sense of community. 

A clubhouse party, snowboarding and basketball competitions, a BMW interactive feature, and a staggered happy hour were all highlights of the occasion. 

ApeFest attendees leave the event with eye problems

The event went off without a hitch. However, the outcome is not fortunate. Attendees at a Yuga Labs ApeFest event in Hong Kong have experienced burns, damaged vision, and “extreme pain” in their eyes, which they ascribe to poor lighting.

One X user wrote that “Woke up in the middle of the night after ApeFest with so much pain in my eyes that I had to go to the hospital.”

On X, at least 15 claims of vision loss were made, with some saying that they had to go to the ER. The symptoms described are consistent with photokeratitis, which is caused by extended exposure to high levels of UV light.

According to one participant, many of those suffering eye difficulties were “up close” to the lighting display on the event’s main stage. Another ApeFest attendee, Feld on X, had similar problems.

As at the time of writing, Yuga labs has not made an official report on the matter at hand. However, this appear to be a common problem in Hong Kong. Prior to this, partygoers in Hong Kong have encountered health complications after being exposed to inadequate ultraviolet (UV) light at an event.

A number of partygoers at a gathering hosted by the streetwear brand HypeBeast on October 20, 2017 reported suffering severe burns and ocular damage.

The DJ of the event disclosed on October 26 that the contractor responsible for arranging lighting at the party had used a sequence of Philips TUV 30W G30 T8 light bulbs. These bulbs, which emanate 12 watts of UV-C radiation and are primarily intended for surface disinfection, as stated on the Philips website.

In both instances, the vision impairment accounts correspond to photokeratitis, which is also referred to as “Welder’s eye.” Extended periods of exposure to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, predominantly originating from man-made sources like welding lamps, can give rise to this condition. Alternatively, snow blindness can be induced by natural sunlight reflecting off reflective surfaces like snow.

The symptoms of photokeratitis can include eye pain, redness, tearing, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and a gritty sensation in the eyes. How can one treat photokeratitis?

1. Remove the source of UV exposure.

2. Rest your eyes especiall in the dark.

3. Use preservative-free artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes moist. 

4. Applying a cold compress (a clean cloth soaked in cold water) over your closed eyelids can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

5. If it get unbearable try pain relievers.

6. Stay away from bright lights.

7. Seek medical attention and avoid contact lenses.

Photokeratitis is typically a self-limiting condition, and most people recover within a day or two with appropriate treatment and rest. However, it is essential to take it seriously and seek medical attention if needed to prevent complications or long-term damage to the eyes. 

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