ANZ bank is moving away from cash in attempts to go fully digital


  • ANZ Bank is moving towards a cashless future, reducing over-the-counter cash withdrawals.
  • Critics argue that this move could harm older individuals and those with disabilities who rely on physical cash.
  • The banking industry sees this as a necessary step towards a safer, more efficient future.

Navigating the digital transformation, ANZ, one of Australia’s top banking institutions, is shifting towards a cashless future. This strategic move has been highlighted by a dramatic reduction in over-the-counter cash withdrawals at many of its branches.

The decision, controversial in nature, has stimulated quite a buzz, as customers grapple with the rapidly advancing financial technology landscape.

The first steps towards a cashless future

ANZ’s leap towards digitization did not happen overnight. This journey began with the bank reducing cash handling at its branches and encouraging customers to avail of online banking services.

ANZ’s move was clear – heralding a future where the physical banknotes become a relic of the past. Back in March, the bank made the initial announcement that certain branches in Victoria would cease cash transactions, creating ripples of concern among customers who preferred traditional banking methods.

According to ANZ, only a minor fraction – a mere 8% of their customers – still rely on branches for money transactions, with the lion’s share having embraced the conveniences of internet banking.

Despite the large digital migration, criticisms were swift, primarily from older demographics and individuals with disabilities who still rely heavily on physical cash and branch interactions.

The recent viral story of Queensland local, Taryn Comptyn, cast a spotlight on the cash withdrawal issue. The clip of her frustrations with ANZ over her inability to withdraw cash for home renovations from her local branch resonated with many.

This incident, echoed by nearly 40,000 viewers in five days, underlined the potential pitfalls in ANZ’s digital-first strategy.

Following the incident, Comptyn made a swift decision to shift all her funds from ANZ to another bank. Her story unfolded as a stark reminder of the struggles many customers could face in a banking ecosystem where cash becomes obsolete.

Is a cashless future inevitable?

The financial industry, however, views ANZ’s decision as a necessary step towards a safer and more efficient future. The shift away from cash not only reduces security risks associated with large cash holdings but also improves efficiency in an increasingly digital world.

The trend isn’t exclusive to ANZ, with the National Australia Bank (NAB) also limiting over-the-counter withdrawals. The gradual decline of cash transactions in Australia, dwindling down to 6% in 2022, paints a compelling picture of a cashless society.

The introduction of the New Payments Platform by the Reserve Bank of Australia in 2018, promoting digital transactions, supports this view.

Furthermore, partnerships between Australian banks and fintech start-ups are expediting the digital revolution in banking, even as regional communities are being nudged towards embracing cashless transactions.

As ANZ navigates these uncharted waters, it is indeed critical for the bank to provide comprehensive assistance to its customers, enabling a smooth transition into the digital era.

This will be a journey filled with challenges and opportunities, and the path that ANZ carves will likely set a precedent for the rest of the industry.

While ANZ’s movement away from cash may have triggered a ripple of discontent among a certain demographic, it reflects a broader trend in the banking sector towards digitalization.

As society embraces the digital age, banks like ANZ will need to ensure that they leave no customer behind on this transformative journey.

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