Ankr revolutionizes Web3 with its new Ultra Sound Infrastructure


  • Ankr introduced Ultra Sound Infrastructure to Web3 developers to provide high-performance connections to blockchains globally. 
  • The Ultra Sound Infrastructure provides a globally distributed network of nodes from a number of node provider partners, such as Microsoft and Tencent Cloud.
  • The initiative is aligned with Ankr’s mission to onboard the next billion users to web3.

Since the Bitcoin boom, blockchain technology has spread to other industries, including Web3, and Ankr has profited immensely as a result. Despite the fact that Web3 infrastructure is still in its infancy, many businesses are looking into the future of databases. With that in mind, Ankr’s new Ultra Sound Infrastructure could be a game-changer for decentralized applications (dApps).

Ankr graces the crypto – Web3 market with a new product

According to trusted sources, on June 11th, 2023, Ankr created the first version of an infrastructure solution to serve web3 ecosystems. The solution, named Ultra Sound Infrastructure, has been built to offer the highest quality and most distributed node network available for web3 developers.

With this new solution, developers so can access high-performance connections to blockchains from anywhere in the world. The new program product has a globally distributed network of nodes from a diverse range of node provider partners, including Microsoft and Tencent Cloud. 

According to the July 11th press release, Ultra Sound Infrastructure was inspired by the principles underlying Ethereum‘s Ultra Sound Money. More importantly, Ultra Sound Infrastructure strives to give the highest degree of speed, performance, and efficiency to web3 developers and their apps that connect to many different kinds of blockchains. 

The network is built to provide a lightning-fast and dependable experience for any decentralized applications that it powers. To do this, Ankr has incentivized future node providers to deploy nodes to fill any gaps in global coverage for a low-latency experience while servicing developer and dApp request traffic.

Ultra Sound Infrastructure ensures developers and enterprises can build high quality and resource-intensive applications without worrying about slow or unstable network connections. By utilizing our global archive nodes, developers can also ensure that their applications maintain the highest level of performance for their global customer bases.

Kev Silk, Ultra Sound Infrastructure Lead

How does the Ultra Sound Infrastructure differ from other node partner programs?

Unlike other node partner programs, Ultra-Sound Infrastructure will deliver the highest performance possible by deploying only archive nodes. These nodes are specifically designed to manage high traffic volumes and provide users with access to the most dependable and fastest infrastructure possible. 

In addition, Ultra Sound Infrastructure has the potential to optimize web3 infrastructure by globally dispersing archive nodes. This enables the entity to provide an end-user experience that delivers the distinctive benefits of blockchain and digital assets without compromising efficacy. 

The initiative is consistent with Ankr’s objective to onboard the next billion web3 users. This is significant because easing the burden on blockchain developers will lower the entry barrier for blockchain enterprises. This will also result in the launch of more promising initiatives. 

The ANKR token will power the Ultra Sound Infrastructure network, as it will be used to offset future node providers for the RPC requests they serve. As the ERC-20 token becomes required to pay for access to 30+ blockchains, the network has been designed to provide a more streamlined gateway to web3 infrastructure, resulting in highly performant experiences for node providers, developers, enterprises, and end users.

What is Ankr crypto?

Ankr is a Web3 developer hub that offers a complete set of tools for building Web3 apps and powering them with high-performance connectivity to 30+ blockchains. They offer multi-chain dApp development tools, AppChain engineering services, crypto staking solutions, and globally distributed node infrastructure to enable all of this. 

Ankr’s solutions make it simple for anybody to build and earn on Web3 while also participating in the crypto economy, resulting in a more decentralized, democratic, and user-owned web experience.

Ankr was formed in 2017 by two former UC Berkeley undergraduate roommates, Chandler Song and Ryan Fang, as well as Stanley Wu, a former Amazon computer engineer.

Ankr’s native crypto coin, ANKR, acts as a medium of exchange on the Ankr network, and users can use it to pay for services such as running a node or accessing Ankr’s API service. 

The supply of ANKR, like that of many other cryptocurrencies, is capped at a maximum of 10 billion ANKR coins. 

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