Andrew Tate shocks followers with surprise crypto venture plan: Details


  • Andrew Tate, previously anti-crypto, proposes launching his cryptocurrency backed with $100 million of his funds.
  • Tate offers early access at a discount to members of University.com, leveraging his fame for the venture’s success.
  • Despite over 10,000 retweets on his proposal, Tate’s shift from a crypto skeptic to a potential crypto pioneer raises questions.

Andrew Tate, known for his wealth and social media influence, has expressed interest in entering the crypto industry. Despite his previous stance against cryptocurrencies, Tate recently suggested the launch of his digital coin. This proposition was made to his vast following on X (formerly Twitter), where he floated the idea of backing a new cryptocurrency with $100 million of his personal funds. Although, he deleted the tweet following backlash from some of his followers.

A shift in perspective

Tate’s proposal includes offering early access to the coin at a discount to members of University.com, a platform he owns aimed at teaching users how to accumulate wealth in “The Real World.” Using his notoriety as leverage, Tate assured that his fame would be crucial to the cryptocurrency’s success, promising widespread promotion and potential profits for investors.

His statement marks a notable departure from his earlier critiques of the cryptocurrency sector, where he distanced himself from the practice of promoting digital currencies to followers, emphasizing his desire not to exploit his audience.

The skepticisms

The announcement garnered significant attention, quickly amassing over 10,000 retweets, including backlash from some of his followers. The skepticism from his fans made him delete his tweet, with some followers calling him a scam.

Another user stated on X, “He is definitely going to tell the people on the newsletter the crypto coin before it goes public.”

It is important to know that Tate’s previous criticism of cryptocurrency, where he openly stated his refusal to “rob” his fans like other influencers, adds a new turn to his current venture. This contradiction raises questions about his sudden change of heart towards digital currencies.

Andrew Tate’s potential entry into the cryptocurrency market is seen as a surprise to many.  While the outcome and feasibility of his proposed cryptocurrency remain uncertain, the recent move highlights the growing interest in digital currencies among individuals outside the traditional financial sector. As the proposal gains traction, the crypto community, and Tate’s followers are keenly watching to see if this venture will materialize and what impact it could have on the crypto market. 

Note: This news was updated after Andrew Tate deleted his announcement on X (formerly Twitter).

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