Sora’s Smash Ultimate Amiibo Release Date Confirmed for February 16, 2024


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  • Sora’s amiibo arrives on February 16, 2024, completing the Super Smash Bros. collection.
  • Nintendo revealed Sora’s amiibo with great attention to detail.
  • Check out guides for the top amiibos from various Nintendo franchises.

Nintendo enthusiasts and amiibo collectors can now mark their calendars with an official release date for Sora’s highly anticipated amiibo. The Kingdom Hearts protagonist’s figure will be hitting store shelves on February 16, 2024, as confirmed by Nintendo

This announcement has brought relief to fans who were initially concerned about potential licensing issues surrounding Sora’s inclusion in the amiibo lineup. The addition of Sora to the collection will bring the total number of Smash Ultimate amiibos to 95, making it a significant milestone for collectors.

A long-awaited Amiibo arrival

Sora’s amiibo has been a topic of speculation and anticipation among fans of Nintendo’s amiibo series. With the character’s debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there was uncertainty about whether Sora would join the amiibo roster due to the complex licensing agreements involving Disney and Square Enix. However, fans’ fears were put to rest earlier this year when Nintendo confirmed that Sora would indeed receive his own amiibo figure.

Nintendo, in its recent announcement, not only revealed the release date but also provided a closer look at Sora’s amiibo. The figure showcases the iconic Kingdom Hearts hero with his keyblade slung over his shoulder, complete with a charming Mickey Mouse keychain. 

This attention to detail in capturing Sora’s character highlights the dedication and effort that went into creating this collectible. It’s clear that Sora’s inclusion in the amiibo lineup was a momentous achievement for all parties involved.

The ultimate collection of Smash Amiibos

Sora’s amiibo marks the final addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo series, cementing its status as a comprehensive collection of the game’s diverse roster of fighters. With the inclusion of characters like Cloud and Bayonetta, who each have two amiibo figures, the total count reaches 95. This milestone provides collectors with a substantial array of figures to add to their collections.

For those looking to curate their own selection of amiibos or explore the best options available, there is a wide range of characters to consider. While not everyone may aim to collect all 95 figures, there are certain amiibos that stand out as fan favorites. 

Whether you’re a fan of iconic Nintendo characters or guest fighters from other franchises, there’s an amiibo for everyone. To assist collectors in making their choices, several guides are available, including recommendations for the finest Smash amiibos, Splatoon amiibos, and Legend of Zelda amiibos.

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