Nintendo Patents Point to Possible New Switch Model in 2024

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  • Nintendo could launch a smaller Switch in 2024, called the Switch Pocket, based on leaked patents.
  • Patents hint at button changes and better cooling, fueling speculation about a revamped Switch.
  • If rumors hold, the Switch Pocket may offer backward compatibility, long battery life, and colorful options for gamers.

Nintendo fans may have something to look forward to in 2024, as recent patent filings suggest the company could be gearing up to release a new addition to its popular Switch console lineup. While the details are not officially confirmed, leaked information from online source Nash Weedle has ignited speculation about a potential Nintendo Switch Pocket or Mini, which is rumored to hit the market in February 2024.

Patent clues point to a new Nintendo Switch model

Nintendo, known for its innovation and ability to keep fans engaged with its consoles, has a history of releasing updated versions of its hardware. The latest rumors indicate that Nintendo could be planning to introduce a smaller and more compact version of the Nintendo Switch.

Nash Weedle, an online leaker with a track record of accurate predictions, claims to have inside information regarding these patents. According to Weedle, the patents reveal significant changes in button placement, including alterations to the top triggers, home button, and capture button. Additionally, the patents suggest the introduction of a new screw system, protective shell, and a more compact cooling technology.

This evidence has fueled speculation that Nintendo may be planning to release a redesigned Switch, possibly as a successor to the Switch Lite or as a new addition to the lineup. Nintendo’s past strategy of extending the lifespan of current-gen consoles while transitioning to the next generation lends credibility to these rumors. Notably, the company released the 2DS XL shortly after the original Switch’s debut in 2017.

Backward compatibility and Nintendo Switch Pocket features

One intriguing aspect of these rumors is the potential for backward compatibility. If these speculations hold true, the new Nintendo Switch Pocket could offer compatibility with existing Switch games, making it an ideal companion device for Nintendo enthusiasts. This would allow players to continue enjoying their favorite titles on a more portable and pocket-friendly console.

Nash Weedle also provides insights into the expected features of the Nintendo Switch Pocket. He predicts a release date of February 16, 2024, and suggests a price point of around €149 (approximately £128). Furthermore, Weedle claims that the device will boast an impressive battery life of up to 12 hours, support for existing Switch cartridges, and a variety of color options, mirroring the successful Nintendo Switch Lite.

A potential hit in the making

The concept of a more compact and pocketable Nintendo Switch has the potential to be a hit among gamers. As Nintendo gradually phases out older console models and moves towards next-gen offerings, a smaller handheld device could fill a niche in the market. 

Miniature handheld consoles have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among retro gaming enthusiasts who appreciate the convenience and nostalgia they offer.

Nintendo’s track record of releasing hardware updates and the enduring appeal of their classic games also play into the potential success of the Nintendo Switch Pocket. Many gamers still revisit their 3DS systems to enjoy classic titles, and the Switch is likely to be no different in this regard.

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