Americans Divided on AI Use in Insurance: Survey Reveals Consumer Sentiments


  • Americans have mixed feelings about AI in insurance, with one-third seeing it positively, but 42% hesitating to buy policies from AI-using companies.
  • Consumers who’ve tried AI insurance services generally liked them, showing potential benefits and highlighting skepticism among some buyers.
  • Insurers are urged to educate consumers about AI benefits to build trust and overcome doubts.

A recent survey conducted by Insurity, a leading provider of cloud software for insurance, sheds light on American attitudes towards the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the property/casualty (P/C) insurance sector. The survey, which gathered insights from over 1,000 adult participants across the United States, unveiled a nuanced landscape of opinions regarding AI utilization by insurance companies.

Approximately one-third of respondents expressed approval for the incorporation of AI by insurance companies. However, a significant portion, 42%, indicated they would be less inclined to purchase insurance from providers openly acknowledging their use of AI technology. Despite this skepticism, 63% of consumers who had prior interactions with AI through their insurers reported positive experiences.

Positive experiences alleviate negative perceptions

The findings suggest that while a considerable segment of the population harbors reservations about AI in insurance, a lack of direct exposure or understanding of the technology may contribute to negative sentiments. Notably, Insurity’s report underscores the pivotal role of firsthand encounters with AI services in reshaping consumer perceptions. It advocates for proactive efforts within the insurance industry to address consumer concerns and accentuate the tangible benefits of AI-driven solutions.

Insurity’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Lafond, emphasized the significance of investing in AI technology, educational initiatives, and transparent communication strategies. Lafond underscored the importance of insurers demonstrating the practical advantages of AI to their clientele, emphasizing its potential to enhance policyholder experiences through personalized recommendations and streamlined claims processing.

As the insurance landscape evolves with technological advancements, consumer attitudes toward AI integration remain divided. While a notable proportion of Americans express reservations regarding the use of AI by insurers, positive experiences with AI-driven services have demonstrated the potential to alleviate skepticism. Insurity’s call for industry-wide education and transparency underscores the imperative for insurers to bridge the gap between consumer apprehensions and the transformative capabilities of AI in enhancing insurance operations and customer experiences.

While uncertainties persist, the path forward for insurers lies in fostering informed consumer engagement and highlighting the tangible benefits of AI integration in the insurance sector. By prioritizing education and transparency, insurers can navigate the evolving landscape of consumer sentiments and drive meaningful advancements in AI-driven insurance solutions.

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