Amazon vs. Microsoft: Which Tech Giant is the Better Buy?

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  • Amazon and Microsoft, tech giants, are thriving amid renewed interest in AI and cloud computing.
  • Amazon’s AWS leads in the cloud market, while Microsoft excels in AI integration.
  • Financial metrics and past performance favor Microsoft as the better investment choice.

The year 2022 saw tech stocks fall out of favor, with the Nasdaq-100 technology sector index plummeting 40%. However, renewed optimism has swept through Wall Street, driven by easing inflation and the promise of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Among the tech titans, Amazon and Microsoft stand tall, leading the charge in cloud computing and AI. 

Tech’s rollercoaster ride in 2022

The turbulent ride of tech stocks in 2022 left many investors wary. The Nasdaq-100 technology sector index’s steep 40% decline was a stark reminder of the sector’s volatility. However, 2023 has brought a renewed sense of optimism. Easing inflation and the growing excitement surrounding emerging technologies, especially AI, have once again put tech in the spotlight.

Amazon and microsoft Pioneers in tech

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) have consistently stood as giants in the tech industry. Both companies have seized the opportunities presented by cloud computing and AI, positioning themselves for long-term growth. With millions of users engaging with their powerful brands daily, these tech giants are not only attractive growth stocks but also industry leaders in their own right.

Amazon’s cloud dominance

Amazon’s cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has maintained a dominant position in the cloud market for years, boasting a remarkable 32% market share as of Q2 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in bolstering the cloud industry, as businesses embraced hybrid work models and increasingly turned to cloud-based services. Despite a partial return to physical offices, the demand for cloud platforms remains strong.

AI’s rapid advancement has ushered in a new era of opportunities in cloud computing, with companies seeking ways to enhance efficiency using AI technology. Amazon has responded by introducing several new AI services within Amazon Web Services. With clients like Sony and Netflix already on board, Amazon is well-positioned to capitalize on the AI-driven future of the industry and maintain its dominance.

Amazon’s stock performance

In the stock market, Amazon has seen a robust performance, with its stock surging by 65% year to date. This growth is attributed to the company’s return to profitability in its e-commerce business and the promising prospects in AI. Notably, Amazon’s retail earnings have witnessed a remarkable recovery this year after experiencing significant declines in 2022. However, AWS has faced challenges in sustaining its earlier growth rates due to macroeconomic headwinds, with Q2 2023 revenue growth dropping to 12% from the impressive 33% recorded in the same quarter in 2022. To fully unlock the earnings potential of its AI services, Amazon will need to regain momentum in AWS.

Microsoft’s AI head start

Microsoft, a formidable competitor in the tech arena, has made substantial strides in the AI landscape, primarily through its cloud platform, Azure. With a 22% market share, Microsoft holds the second-largest share in the cloud market. What sets Microsoft apart is its early investment in AI. In 2019, the company invested $1 billion in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. This strategic partnership granted Microsoft exclusive licenses to several AI models developed by OpenAI.

Microsoft’s AI integration

Microsoft has seamlessly integrated OpenAI’s technology into various services, making AI upgrades accessible to its customers. The introduction of ChatGPT to all Azure customers is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to democratizing AI. Moreover, Microsoft’s dominance in productivity software, with iconic brands like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, has enabled the company to bring AI to the masses. Many of these programs now incorporate AI tools, making technology more accessible and efficient for users.

Microsoft’s diversified AI portfolio

In addition to Azure, Microsoft’s success in productivity programs diversifies its AI portfolio and strengthens its long-term position in the AI sector. The subscription-based service Microsoft 365, for instance, has seen its revenue grow by 17.5% year over year in 2022, up from 15% in 2019. This growth underscores Microsoft’s ability to leverage AI across a spectrum of services and further solidifies its standing in the AI arena.

Both Amazon and Microsoft are tech leaders with substantial AI potential. However, for investors seeking reliability and sustained growth, Microsoft appears to be the more prudent choice. Over the past five years, Microsoft’s shares have soared by 208%, compared to Amazon’s 46%. While past performance does not guarantee future results, this contrast illustrates Microsoft’s resilience in the face of economic challenges and its consistent delivery of robust stock gains.

Financial metrics favor Microsoft

Analyzing financial metrics provides further support for Microsoft’s position as the better buy. Microsoft boasts significantly lower price-to-earnings (P/E) and price-to-free-cash-flow ratios compared to Amazon. These metrics are critical in assessing a stock’s value and indicate that Microsoft is currently trading at a more attractive price.

In the ongoing battle of Amazon vs. Microsoft, Microsoft emerges as the better buy. Its steadfast performance, strong position in AI, and favorable financial metrics make it a compelling choice for investors. While both companies are formidable players in the tech industry, Microsoft’s track record and growth potential position it as the more reliable investment option, making it the standout choice for this month.

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