AI’s role in enhancing food production and quality


  • AI is transforming food and agriculture, from chatbots to tacos.
  • AI-driven quality inspections improve efficiency in farming.
  • Ethical AI use is crucial, with a focus on transparency and responsibility.

Innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the food and agribusiness industry, bringing unprecedented changes and opportunities. From AI-powered chatbots assisting in meal planning to automated quality inspections in agriculture, the impact of AI is reshaping the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. Industry leaders and experts are optimistic about the transformative potential of GenAI, with projections indicating significant economic growth. However, ethical considerations and the need for responsible AI usage are also paramount.

AI-powered culinary assistance

In the fast-evolving world of food, AI is taking center stage. Apps like Tasty now offer users the opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with Botatouille, an AI-powered chatbot that provides answers to everyday cooking queries and suggests meals based on the ingredients available in one’s refrigerator. Instacart has also harnessed the power of GenAI to address the age-old question of “What’s for dinner?” by offering AI-based meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tacos, a beloved culinary delight, have not been left untouched by AI’s transformative influence. Dallas-based Velvet Taco partnered with ChatGPT-4 to develop new taco recipes in a limited campaign. Additionally, some Del Taco locations employ GenAI-based automation tools to greet drive-through customers, efficiently take orders, upsell items, and recommend meal add-ons. These innovations underscore the increasing role of AI in enhancing customer experiences and culinary creativity.

The AI avatar and economic projections

Cathy Burns, CEO of the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA), shared a remarkable moment during her opening keynote at a global conference. She was transformed into an AI-generated avatar that spoke eerily like her human counterpart, delivering the astounding news that McKinsey researchers estimate GenAI will contribute an annual value ranging from $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion to the global economy across more than 60 industries. This revelation highlights the far-reaching potential of AI to drive economic growth and innovation.

Dr. Elliott Grant, CEO of Mineral, emphasized GenAI’s potential to reshape the agribusiness industry during an expert session at the conference. He noted that GenAI enables people to interact with software in a natural way, responding to unstructured questions and creating new knowledge, marking a profound shift in agricultural practices. AI’s capacity to augment human skills is only in its infancy within the agribusiness sector.

One significant transformation lies in quality inspections for produce. AI tools can now conduct quality inspections in fields, coolers, distribution centers, and stores with consistent, unbiased accuracy. This eliminates the constraints imposed by the availability of trained personnel, enabling companies to rethink their workflows and improve overall efficiency. It’s not a matter of humans versus machines; it’s about embracing the potential for radical improvements in work processes.

Dr. Grant urged the agribusiness industry to adopt a systemic view of GenAI, akin to the electric motor revolutionizing manufacturing in the last century. He envisioned a future where farmers could access the expertise of top-quality inspectors, agronomists, pest control advisors, and more at any time, thanks to GenAI. Skills like perception, reasoning, and knowledge discovery align well with the capabilities of AI, suggesting vast possibilities for the industry.

Comprehensive, high-quality data is a prerequisite for effective AI implementation in agribusiness. Ethical training of AI models is essential to prevent unintended consequences and hidden biases. Initially, GenAI is expected to handle tedious data lookup tasks and the organization of vast amounts of information, such as yield forecasting. Dr. Grant stressed that the opportunity lies in using GenAI to make predictions that match or surpass human capabilities, emphasizing the synergistic power of humans and AI working together.

Sustainable agribusiness through AI

As the agricultural sector explores innovations like regenerative farming, GenAI can play a pivotal role in sharing relevant data across the supply chain to reduce risks and enhance sustainability. This extends to improving varietal discovery, crop rotation, fertilization, and irrigation decisions. 

AI’s ability to make sense of traceability data and understand the drivers of agricultural outcomes, including flavor, shelf life, quality, and sustainability, presents an invaluable opportunity. GenAI can expedite the development of climate-resilient, high-yield crops by shortening breeding timeframes, considering the complex interplay of genetics, environment, and management practices.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, highlighted the importance of ethical AI usage during his keynote speech. He emphasized the need for transparency, suggesting that individuals should be informed about the AI’s source, training process, and the questions posed to it. 

AI should be accompanied by references that allow users to verify information, acting as a reporter with a human editor. This underscores the growing awareness of the ethical dimension of AI and the responsibility of society to regulate and ensure its responsible use.

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