Advanced AI Poised to Reshape Key Australian Industries: Groundbreaking Study


  • Companies need to get ready for a significant generational change and be aware that their employees may use this technology to work independently.
  • Enterprises should be prepared for their workforce to independently adopt this technology for work, especially as a generational shift occurs.
  • Foresee employees taking the initiative to utilize this technology for work-related tasks, necessitating businesses to brace themselves for the upcoming generational shift.

Pioneering AI technology is on the verge of bringing sweeping alterations to several crucial sectors in Australia, as per the latest research by Deloitte Access Economics in collaboration with the Deloitte AI Institute. This groundbreaking investigation unveils that Finance, ICT and media, professional services, education, and wholesale trade constitute nearly 26 percent of the Australian economy and are teetering on the brink of significant transformation due to the swift proliferation of advanced AI.

The AI revolution in the making

The study from Deloitte offers a clear depiction of the imminent impact of cutting-edge AI (CAI) on various segments of the Australian economy. This technology, which leverages machine learning to generate fresh and innovative content from extensive datasets, has already captured widespread attention and is poised to revolutionize the business landscape.

One of the primary catalysts behind the impending disruption is the fervent interest of the younger generation in these industries. Students, in particular, are enthusiastically adopting CAI, with an astounding 58 percent already incorporating it into their routines. This adoption rate among students nearly doubles that of employees. The preferences of the younger generation, who have grown up with these technologies, will undeniably play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of these sectors.

John O’Mahony, the lead technology partner at Deloitte Access Economics, underscores the significance of businesses preparing for the surge of tech-savvy young individuals who are already weaving CAI into their daily lives. He emphasizes that they will likely introduce innovative work approaches and challenge established norms. This transition necessitates a proactive stance from businesses to adapt to the expectations and requirements of this new generation of professionals.

Interestingly, the study also shows that approximately 32 percent of employees already integrate CAI into their work-related tasks. Notably, in two-thirds of these instances, their supervisors remain oblivious to the use of this technology in the workplace. This phenomenon highlights the organic growth of CAI adoption among employees, even without official recognition or endorsement by management.

Australian companies lag in CAI adoption

Despite the transformative potential of Cutting-edge AI, Australian companies have been relatively cautious in embracing this technology compared to their international counterparts. The research indicates that only about 9.5 percent of large Australian enterprises have officially implemented AI into their operations. Smaller firms, comprising 1.4 percent of all businesses, have also exhibited prudence in their approach to CAI.

Unlocking the potential for enhanced productivity

Advanced AI promises to unlock substantial productivity gains for businesses by automating mundane manual tasks and enhancing overall workforce efficiency. This technology is a formidable tool for streamlining operations, curtailing costs, and bolstering competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market environment.

The research by Deloitte underscores the impending upheaval that numerous pivotal sectors of the Australian economy are poised to face due to the rapid proliferation of advanced AI. Finance, ICT and media, professional services, education, and wholesale trade are all on the precipice of transformation, primarily driven by the ardor of tech-savvy young individuals who have seamlessly integrated CAI into their lives. Businesses should prepare for this generational shift and anticipate employees independently leveraging this technology for work-related purposes.

While Australian businesses have displayed caution in adopting advanced AI, its potential for enhancing productivity and streamlining operations cannot be underestimated. The forthcoming years will likely witness a paradigm shift in work methodologies, and companies that embrace this change stand to gain a significant competitive edge.

As the advanced AI revolution unfolds, businesses in these sectors should proactively explore harnessing this transformative technology to meet their workforce’s and clientele’s evolving needs, ensuring they stay adaptable and relevant in a dynamic and increasingly digitized future.

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