AI Technology Integrated into China’s Funeral Industry


  • China’s funeral industry integrates AI, offering free “digital life” technology for personalized memorial services.
  • AI creates “digital humans” based on the deceased’s traits, appearance, and memories, providing comfort to grieving families.
  • Fu Shou Yuan plans to expand with advanced technology, revolutionizing traditional funeral services and preserving legacies.

In a groundbreaking move, China’s funeral and interment industries are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance traditional funeral services. Leading the charge is Fu Shou Yuan International Group, the largest cemetery and funeral service provider in China, which recently launched its “AI tribute” program. 

This innovative initiative combines AI technology with traditional funeral rituals to offer families a unique and personalized memorial experience. As digital technology continues to make inroads into various sectors, cemeteries in China have chosen the Winter Solstice, a time of ancestral reverence, to introduce these digital services to the public.

Digital life technology for traditional funeral services

Fu Shou Yuan’s “AI tribute” program leverages AI to create a “digital person” based on the materials and stories of the deceased. This digital representation aims to preserve the memory of the departed by replicating their voice, appearance, traits, and even thinking patterns. 

The result is a personalized memorial service that comforts grieving families and extends the family’s spiritual legacy. This innovative approach is not limited to words; it involves creating a visual and auditory experience during the funeral ceremony.

During the memorial ceremony, a two- or three-minute scene from the deceased’s life is screened, allowing attendees to reminisce and cherish moments shared with their loved one. Additionally, a “cloud” memorial hall is established in real-time, serving as a digital space for attendees to pay their respects and share memories. 

This digital transformation of traditional funeral services is offered to families in various regions, including Shanghai, Chongqing cities, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Henan, and Jiangxi provinces. Remarkably, this service is free of charge, making it accessible to a wide range of people.

A comforting presence: The digital human

Tang Yang, the information chief of Fu Shou Yuan International Group, explained the significance of this innovative approach: “AI technology can reproduce the voice, appearance, traits, and even thinking patterns of the deceased for the ‘digital human.’ 

The ‘digital human’ will comfort those grieving and lessen their anguish, protecting the image and extending the family’s spiritual legacy.” This development is poised to bring solace to grieving families, offering them a new way to remember and honor their loved ones.

Realizing AI personalities: The example of Cao Jingxing

In June, Fu Shou Yuan made headlines by unveiling a digital facsimile of the late Chinese critic and TV personality Cao Jingxing (1947–2022). This remarkable feat involved recreating Cao using photographs, voice recordings, and materials provided by the family. 

The process took nearly two months to complete, resulting in an AI personality of Cao that could interact with guests. The emotional impact of such technology was evident as Shanghai resident Wang Ming expressed, “My grandma passed away five years ago. I miss her very much, as I grew up under her care. Seeing ‘her’ again will be comforting.” 

This poignant example demonstrates the potential of AI technology to connect with people on a deeply emotional level.

The future of AI in the funeral industry

Fu Shou Yuan International Group envisions expanding and enhancing its AI tribute program by utilizing advanced 3D production tools, physical simulation, facial expression simulation, motion combination, character control, collision detection, physical feedback, and dialogue training and analysis. These cutting-edge technologies aim to provide even better services to the public and further transform the funeral industry.

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