Gmail’s AI-Powered Email Drafting to Integrate Voice Input


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    • Gmail for Android is set to introduce a voice input feature for AI-generated email prompts, making email drafting more efficient.

    • Users will be able to dictate their email prompts verbally, and Gmail’s AI will generate the email draft based on the voice input.

    • This feature is integrated directly within the Gmail app, distinguishing it from voice-based functions available in keyboard apps.

Gmail, a leading email application on Android, is set to revolutionize the way users draft emails with its latest feature. Building on the success of its preloaded presence on Android devices and its well-received user interface, Gmail is introducing an advanced AI-driven functionality named ‘Help Me Write’. This feature currently allows users to input written prompts, which the AI then uses to draft emails. In a significant enhancement, Gmail is working on integrating voice input, enabling users to dictate their prompts to the AI.

Voice-powered AI email drafts

In an effort to streamline the email drafting process, Google is working on implementing voice input for AI prompts in its Gmail app for Android. This feature is designed to facilitate the creation of emails by enabling users to dictate their prompts verbally instead of typing them out manually. The AI within the Gmail app will then take these voice prompts and use them to generate an email draft.

The move towards voice-powered AI email drafting reflects the growing trend of leveraging voice recognition technology for a more natural and efficient user experience. While similar voice-based functions are available through keyboard apps, Gmail’s integration of this feature directly within the app sets it apart. This means that users can utilize voice input for prompts regardless of whether their keyboard app supports voice input.

How It works

To initiate the voice input feature for email prompts, users will simply need to open a new email or reply to an existing one within the Gmail app. At this point, a prominent microphone icon will appear, signifying that voice input is available. Users can then tap on the microphone icon to start recording their email prompt using their voice. Once the prompt is recorded, they can tap the “Create” feature, and Gmail’s AI will take over, generating the email draft based on the provided voice prompt.

Additionally, for added convenience, if a user exits the voice input interface, a chip will appear on the email screen. This chip allows users to easily return to the voice input feature, ensuring a seamless drafting experience.

Availability and rollout

While the precise rollout date for this feature remains undisclosed, it is expected to be introduced to Gmail for Android in the near future. Currently, the AI-powered email drafting feature known as “Help Me Write” is available to Google Workspace Labs users in the United States, and it operates exclusively in the English language. It is likely that the voice input feature for AI prompts will follow a similar pattern, initially being rolled out to this subset of Gmail users before becoming accessible to a broader audience.

Google’s ongoing commitment to improving Gmail by incorporating innovative features like voice input demonstrates its dedication to enhancing user convenience and productivity.

In a move to enhance user convenience, Gmail for Android is developing a voice input feature for AI-generated email prompts, allowing users to speak their prompts and have Gmail’s AI draft emails accordingly. This innovative feature aims to streamline the email drafting process and is set to be a valuable addition to Gmail’s repertoire of functionalities. While the exact release date is yet to be announced, it signifies Google’s commitment to improving user experience within the Gmail app.

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