AI-Powered Devices Set to Transform Tech Industry with Explosive Growth


  • Gartner predicts a surge in AI device shipments to 295 million units by 2024, marking a significant growth in AI PCs and GenAI smartphones.
  • The integration of advanced AI hardware in these devices will enhance performance and user experience, reducing reliance on cloud services.
  • Despite challenges in market differentiation, the rapid adoption of on-device AI technologies signals a major shift in consumer electronics.


The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into consumer gadgets is poised to completely transform personal computing and mobile communication in an era where technology is developing at a rate never seen before. A recent forecast by Gartner, a leading research and advisory company, has unveiled staggering projections for the market penetration of AI PCs and generative AI (GenAI) smartphones. By the end of 2024, worldwide shipments of these AI-enabled devices are anticipated to reach a combined total of 295 million units, marking a tenfold increase from the 29 million units recorded in 2023.

The surge of AI-powered devices

AI PCs, characterized by their specialized hardware designed to enhance AI task performance, are at the forefront of this technological evolution. These devices, equipped with dedicated AI accelerators, neural processing units (NPUs), and other advanced processing units, offer improved efficiency and performance in executing AI and GenAI workloads. This shift towards on-device processing capabilities eliminates the dependency on external servers or cloud services, paving the way for a more seamless and integrated user experience.

Similarly, the advent of GenAI smartphones signifies a significant milestone in mobile technology. These smartphones are not just communication devices but powerhouses capable of running sophisticated AI models that generate new content, designs, and methods directly on the device. Innovations such as Google’s Gemini Nano, Baidu’s ERNIE, and OpenAI’s GPT-4 exemplify the potential of GenAI smartphones to revolutionize how we interact with our mobile devices.

Market implications and future outlook

Ranjit Atwal, a senior director analyst at Gartner, highlights the inevitable standardization of on-device GenAI capabilities and AI processors across technology platforms. This normalization poses a unique challenge for vendors striving to differentiate their products in an increasingly crowded market. Despite the projected shipment of 240 million GenAI smartphones and 54.5 million AI PCs by the end of 2024, representing 22% of the smartphone and PC markets, respectively, the race for innovation continues.

The integration of AI into these devices is not expected to immediately translate into higher end-user spending, particularly in the PC sector. The onus is on software providers to effectively leverage the capabilities of on-device AI, demonstrating its value beyond the inherent price increases. The anticipated growth in the PC market, following a resurgence in the fourth quarter of 2023, underscores the potential of on-device AI to rejuvenate PC marketing and sustain replacement cycles amidst challenging socioeconomic conditions.

Navigating the AI revolution

As the technology industry gears up for this transformative phase, the implications of widespread AI and GenAI adoption extend beyond mere market statistics. The evolution towards AI-enhanced devices reflects a broader shift in consumer expectations and the very nature of personal computing and communication. With AI capabilities becoming a staple feature in PCs and smartphones, the focus now shifts to how these technologies can be harnessed to deliver unparalleled user experiences and drive innovation.

The journey towards AI ubiquity is fraught with challenges, from ensuring the seamless integration of AI technologies to navigating the complexities of market differentiation. However, the potential rewards, enhanced device performance, groundbreaking new features, and a redefined user experience underscore the significance of this pivotal moment in technology history.

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