AI Experts Discuss Benefits for Bahamian Businesses


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  • AI experts Shaun VanWeelden and Onassis Nottage highlight AI’s potential to transform Bahamian businesses by reducing barriers and driving innovation.
  • The event organized by Plato Alpha Design emphasizes the importance of AI education for businesses of all sizes in The Bahamas.
  • AI adoption is encouraged through seeking “micro-moments” and sharing experiences, making it accessible and beneficial for businesses in The Bahamas.

Two artificial intelligence (AI) experts are set to share insights on the advantages of implementing AI in Bahamian businesses for enhanced day-to-day operations. This initiative, organized by Plato Alpha Design at Crypto Isle, aims to demonstrate how AI can drive efficiency in micro-level tasks. Shaun VanWeelden, representing OpenAI, and Onassis Nottage from RSLT Lab, will be the keynote speakers at the event titled “How AI Can Help Bahamian Businesses,” scheduled for Wednesday, January 24.

A catalyst for business transformation

AI expert Shaun VanWeelden, who works with OpenAI, believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way Bahamian businesses operate. He emphasizes that AI will reduce barriers to executing business ideas, making them less capital-intensive. VanWeelden states, “AI will allow for greater productivity in our work, and like past technological updates, that will change the nature of work and require us to develop new skills.” He further adds that AI can pave the way for talented individuals in The Bahamas to start or expand their businesses beyond what was previously possible without AI assistance.

Moreover, VanWeelden anticipates that AI will play a crucial role in enhancing education, legal services, and medical insights, resulting in a more skilled and healthy workforce. As the leader of OpenAI’s human data team, VanWeelden has a unique perspective on the potential of AI resources like ChatGPT to empower businesses.

AI for Bahamian businesses in a game changer

Onassis Nottage, the managing director for RSLT Lab in the Netherlands, is another speaker set to share his expertise on AI’s role in businesses. Nottage highlights that any industry reliant on data can implement AI solutions to improve its operations. He provides various examples to illustrate the versatility of AI across sectors:

Retail and e-commerce businesses can leverage AI for personalized shopping experiences and demand forecasting. Agriculture can benefit from AI by monitoring crop health and automating tasks such as harvesting.

Nottage emphasizes that AI’s impact extends far beyond enhancing efficiency and reducing costs; it also drives innovation, leading to the creation of new services and products that were previously inconceivable. He predicts that the influence of AI will only continue to grow, reshaping how businesses grow, operate, and deliver value to their customers.

Encouraging AI adoption in Bahamian businesses

Shaun VanWeelden acknowledges that some business owners may hesitate to incorporate AI into their operations due to concerns or uncertainties. However, he stresses that the benefits of AI outweigh the potential threats. He advises Bahamian businesses to start by seeking out “micro moments” where AI can be effectively utilized, rather than viewing it as a massive undertaking. VanWeelden suggests that business leaders should lead by example and share their experiences with AI adoption to encourage experimentation and AI literacy among their workforce.

Plato Alpha design’s commitment to AI education

The event “How AI Can Help Bahamian Businesses,” hosted by Plato Alpha Design in collaboration with Crypto Isle, aims to provide a platform for business owners and developers in The Bahamas to learn about the potential of AI technology. According to Plato Alpha Chief Duran Humes, AI is driving significant changes in the business world, and Bahamian businesses must stay ahead by working smarter and serving their customers more efficiently.

Humes emphasizes that this opportunity is not limited to large corporations but is accessible to all businesses in The Bahamas, offering a chance for growth and improvement. The event is open to all attendees and serves as a valuable resource for those looking to explore the possibilities of AI in their businesses.

AI experts Shaun VanWeelden and Onassis Nottage are set to share their insights on how AI can benefit Bahamian businesses by improving efficiency, driving innovation, and creating new opportunities. The event organized by Plato Alpha Design underscores the importance of AI education and its potential to transform businesses of all sizes in The Bahamas. As AI continues to reshape the business landscape globally, this event serves as a valuable opportunity for local businesses to embrace the advantages of AI technology.

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